It’s going be a tight schedule for the Capitol Hill Block Party: 100 bands playing 5 stages over three amazing days. An event planner's nightmare, perhaps, but an independent music lovers dream!

There’s usually about half an hour between sets on the same stage and some breaks during the day. So if you have some spare time zipping from stage to stage or if you’re feeling like you need a little downtime from the crowds and sun, here’s what to do (all within blocks of the block party):

Vermillions retro arcade gallery.
  • Photo by Zach Tucker
  • Vermillion's retro arcade gallery.

Play some old-school video games at art bar Vermillion. Their gallery this summer features video game art pieces from local artists Chance Won, Pubs, Kegger and Klown. And arcade games! You’ll have just enough time to pencil in at least three rounds of Street Fighter II between Tennis Pro's set and the start of Dust Moth right around the corner at the Neumos stage. Or practice your moves with Dance Dance Revolution before hitting the Vera Stage to sweat it out to Robert DeLong. Vermillion will also be having an off-block party all day on Saturday featuring the Low Hums and Maiah Manser.

People watching: always a Capitol Hill favorite! This will be especially entertaining during the Block Party, so see if you can wrangle an outdoor table at Barca or Oddfellows, or just picnic it in the park. Many games can be played: like hipster bingo, for example, or the ever classic spot the cuties (because there will be cuties). But just remember to be really Seattle about it and look away if you accidentally make eye contact.

The shelves at Sugarpill.
  • Photo by Drew Zandonella-Stannard
  • The shelves at Sugarpill.

Drool over (but not on) the tasty treats at foodie oasis and apothecary Sugarpill on East Pine. The beautiful, serene interior has chocolates, salts, spices and bitters beyond your tastebud's wildest dreams lining the shelves, and friendly proprietor Karen Schwartz can help you plan your next cocktail party drink winner. There’s even an array of herbal medicines to concoct some post-Block Party healing potion.

Congratulations! With some planning and foresight, you too can have it all at the Capitol Hill Block Party! Now every spare second of your precious time at The Block Party will be filled with ridiculous fun.