Here in Seattle, we’re so fancy, you already know! But just in case you don’t, here are some of the best ‘fancy’ cocktail bars on the Hill: we’ve got craft cocktails lovingly made by hand, basements filled with (premium) spirits, secret rooms, and even church pews.

Everything you need to unwind after a full day of epic live performances, sun, sidewalks, and (crowd) surfing!

So if you feel like getting crafty after the Block Party, don’t be all dressed up with nowhere to go! Go on a fancy cocktail bar crawl (ok, maybe not a crawl, since we’re being so fancy here. A sashay? A waltz?)

Sun Liquor

Capitol Hill cornerstone distillery Sun Liquor has been making original, premium gin, vodka, and rum spirits since 2011. They use non-GMO organic wheat base for all their spirits, and their extra robust, 50% alcohol by volume “gun club gin” is distilled twice. Sun Liquor has two locations on Capitol Hill: the distillery and further down the Hill, a lounge.


Your head will spin at the dazzling array of dreamy cocktails, hearty ales and lagers, and an entire premium catalog of fine spirits and aged whiskey. And there’s nothing like a refreshing and lightly carbonated cocktail in the spirit(s) of summer made with the one and only Perlini system. Bubbles!

A glimpse at Canons amazing liquor selection.
  • Photo Courtesy of Canon
  • A glimpse at Canon's amazing liquor selection.

Tavern Law

Class it up with some freshly made craft cocktails in the midst of a prohibition-era atmosphere. This upscale, high-concept ‘speakeasy’ bar has been voted one of the 25 best bars in America. Find your way to the secret room via the telephone, where old-timey dressed mixologists will whip up specialty beverages sure to delight and inspire. Just let them know what you like!

Tavern Laws elegant interior.
  • Photo by Kenn Wilson.
  • Tavern Law's elegant interior.


So. Refreshing.
  • Photo Courtesy of Witness
  • So. Refreshing.

Cocktails have been called a “religious experience” here at this relatively new bar/restaurant on the Hill. And rightly so. Century-old reclaimed church pews and frosted glass windows welcome the visitor to imbibe some ‘libations and sustenance.’ Try the tequila and ginger beer-based ‘Diablo’ if you’re feeling a little evil, or spend your time in ‘Purgatory,’ a drink made with mescal and bourbon (well that doesn’t sound too bad now does it?). There’s also an array of delicious comfort pickins’ from the southern–style menu. Oh, and one more thing: it’s open for brunch!