Let us not forget the menfolk!

The male of the species brought their signature Seattle urban style to the scene at the Capitol Hill Block Party this summer: sporting dope socks, bright colors, fancy kicks, and splashy prints.

Bros, such awesome colors! Fluorescents are huge this summer, showing up on shades, shorts, sneaks, and caps. And, by far the biggest trend, socks.

Seattle-themed socks.

The socks win.
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • The socks win.

All sort of socks. Lots of socks.

All the socks win.
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • All the socks win.

Cute band tee shirt alert: "It's my own band. I'm 'that guy'." You are totally that guy who wears your band's tee shirt as a crop top paired with denim cut-offs. And that's why we love you.

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

Eyes that mesmerize.

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

You have to admire anyone who is not a retired Florida yacht owner and can get away with these kind of prints.

Tropical bro!
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • Tropical bro!

You'll sweep me up onto your dark horse and into the night we will ride, to a gothic castle in the New Mexican desert. We'll make strange electronic compositions and beautiful babies. The end.

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

So. Colorful!

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

Hot accessories: bead necklace with pink florescent zebra striped bodysuit, trippy tee shirt, goat-god belt buckle and kilt, chunky rings and studded rainbow belt.

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

Best use of hat/loose tank/skinny jeans:

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

And, finally, no Capitol Hill Block Party is complete without the must-have marijuana punk patch festival jacket:

  • Photo by Amber Cortes

Nice work, fellas! I'll never not notice your sock choices ever again.