Savage Love Episode 295


For the first time I can remember, the Lovecast is late on iTunes -- still not there as of 9:49 am EDT.
Can gay men still send her pictures of their penises?
ECtopic pregnancy, Dan.
No no no, Dan, dicks look like toothless naked mole rats. See?…
What's up with that soundbyte and the very end of the podcast????
I have a strong inclination to call bullshit on the young lesbian's accent.
Regarding the young lesbian: I am left wondering if rage is necessary at this point. If you haven't responded with an emphatic 'no', then maybe start with an emphatic 'no.' If he ignores that, then proceed to rage spectrum responses.

I was a dyke mike who got a very explicit text from my lesbian buddy, who I had no sexual interest in. I responded with a "I think you accidentally sent me a text you meant to send to someone else." Maybe a little weaselly, but that was the end of it.
I am a bi-girl who was always more into dating women, but am currently in a monogamous hetero relationship, and I think it's sexy as fuck when my SO sends me dick pics. Just saying - some girls like it.
With dick pics - Dan is right about context. A sexy cock with a raging hard-on, but some lower abs, the V lines with happy trail in the middle - that can be hot.

Same goes for pics of women.

A picture of a pussy by itself, no context, is not attractive. But if the picture involves some sexy lady legs, a curvy hip, and a nice mound, etc, then yeah - that can be super sexy.

Also what was up with the "ooohaa oof!" at the end there? Totally hilarious and random.
Hey Dan, not only are you an amazing sex advice columnist, but you would be a great stand up comic. You had me keeled over on my couch laughing hysterically with your projectile butt plug and penis pic responses. Now I love you twice as much!
@5,9 - My impression is that Dan made a noise of relief when they were done recording, or a noise of confusion when recording that end bit about the condolences (that sounded quite choppily edited), and the TSARY thought it was funny enough to be included at the very end, by which time (they figured) most people would've quit listening anyway.
@ 5,9,11 If you go back and listen to the butt plug question, Dan makes the same sound when he explains to the caller that she needs to go a size up to a medium plug. He describes that initially it might feel a litte bit uncomfortable when positioning the plug, and then he makes that sound. TheTSARY must have thought it was funny so they added an other recording of that clip at the end.
@9: yep. Dick pics are all about context. My personal advice to straight guys, as a straight woman who considers herself quite the cock hound: Dick pics are NOT sexy as an introduction to someone's dick, they need to be well lighted and actually look nice, and not show like only your dick and your hand. If you want to send one, think about how hot porn pics are properly composed and present your cock well. That's how to send a dick pic that will be cherished for years to, umm, come.
I wish women would stop speaking for all other women on this dick pic thing. I am a woman who likes men and dicks and I like dick pics.
I'm so glad not to be in the overwhelming majority of women who hate dick pics! I love dick pics!! No context needed, just a picture of your raging, beautiful hard-on, in your hand, in the air, on a bathroom sink, I don't care! My only complaint is when guys send pictures of their limp dics...what is that about? I don't want to see it like that. Yay dick pics! Yay technology! Yay cock hounds! Card carrying member of the cock hounds since 2005.
@14: Damn skippy!!
Hahhahahahaha! that sound bite at the end is most definitely Dan making the noise about the butt plug. HAHAHAHAHAHA aaaaahhhh
I say "Yes, please!" to dick pics. Raging hard-on cock shots, with or without hand, abs, happy trail, ejaculate, etc., it's all welcome. My sweet boyfriend always sends me one when we're away from each other and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Honestly curious here. Does it matter to you who sends you a dick pic? Would you be equally happy with getting one from your boyfriend as you would from someone you've only gone on 1 or 2 dates with, or an acquaintance that you'r not dating at all.

I get the sense that most women who complain about receiving dick pics are complaining about unsolicited pictures and whether it comes with context or no context is just a matter of taste.
One addendum to the answer to the 16 year old lesbian: Sexual inappropriateness is not a male-specific thing. There are women who might lean on you in the same way, and you will have to stand up to them as well. Your fellow dykes do NOT get a pass on this issue.
My best response to an unsolicited dick pic: "How.... boring."
I'm glad Dan mentioned that gay guys don't necessarily like dick pics either. Dicks for the most part look gross to me. The only reason I'd look at someone's is either we're in the midst of getting it on or its size noteworthy. The latter wouldn't elicit a reaction beyond "Impressive"
I like to see a dick pic before I go on a date with somebody, that way there won't be any surprises.
Yay for dick pics!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to both the woman and Dan who clarified the dick pic issue! Ladyfuckers, take note: for many of us, it's all about the context. Surprise photo of my lover's schlong, erect in anticipation of the next time I hop on it? HOT. Surprise photo of stranger's weird-looking phallus in response to a personal ad, with no other photos to go with it? NOT HOT. Or, at least, not hot YET. I would say if you're not sure, just wait to send those pictures until you know she wants to see them.
This is actually a quite intriguing erotic podcast! But I definitely don't like surprises. :)
@19 Buffy

No, not for me. It doesn't much matter to me who sends them. (I mean, hopefully it's someone I've met and flirted with and not a serial killer who somehow got my number!) I totally understand your question. Because, to most girls maybe, receiving a dick pic from a guy you just met is a pretty clear indicator that he's just interested in sex, etc. But I happen to be completely down for just sex. As Dan aptly put sort of weeds out the partners you want to have sex with. For me, usually...the kind of guy who's confident and "nasty" enough to send me a pic like that is probably going to be exactly the kind of partner I want to get crazy with in to speak. Know what I mean? It especially seems to be true that the dicks that end up being sent as pictures to my phone are especially beautiful dicks, and I usually can't wait to see them in person.
@27: It's not even that if a guy is sending a dick pic, he wants just sex. Often, I was down for that when I was single. It's the fact that often, these dick pics or questions like "Do you want to see a picture of my dick?" came before I'd even met the guy. Certainly, some girls are down for that, and more power to them. But guys have to understand that if a girl (like me) doesn't want to see his dick before she's even met him, he can't take it so fucking personally if she says no to dick pics. In other words, whether or not a girl wants to see a picture of your dick has NOTHING whatsoever to do with whether she's interested in fucking you. And sending them without asking is just rude.
I've always been confused by these 'dick pics'. Have they ever worked for a guy to get laid, ever? If you eventually started going out with a girl after initially sending her a dick pic, where is it going to go from there? What are you going to tell your friends when they ask how you met...'We realised that we had a lot in common after I sent her a high-def, close-up shot of my dick!'...probably not.
re: dick pics

I'd rather not see it.

What I /would/ rather see:

Hands petting cats. Cats are adorable! And I can imagine hands doing things to me that are turn-ons!
@29 yes, it works all the time! Otherwise I don't think guys would do it. Also, I don't think sending a dick pic puts the kabash on whether a hook-up could turn into a relationship. Relationships develop when people start spending time together and discover they like each other...right? And I disagree, you could totally tell your friends, "He sent me a pic of his cock, I fell in love. We grabbed brunch one time, discovered we both went to Ohio State and love Tarentino movies! Yaaaaaay!"