Savage Love Episode 299.5


Bah, Humbug!
Considering how often Colbert and The Daily Show take time off, this rare vacation hiatus strikes me as reasonable.

Still, if you're going to make this a habit, Dan--and I won't begrudge you a week in the summer and a week over Xmas/New Year's--you ought to give your faithful listeners a head's up during the preceding week's podcast.

Another suggestion: put one of Dan's interns to work and have them wade through the archives and select a particularly choice blast from the past as a "suggested rerun". Moving forward you could put an asterisk by shows you want to put into your "worthy of a second listen" pile, for future planned (and unplanned) hiatuses.
I took Dan's advice and listened to an old episode, semi-randomly picked. Not only had I NOT forgotten this one, but I recognized the caller's voice after just a few sentences. It was episode 25, the frickin' awesome episode.

Has anybody else noticed how not-hungover Dan has been in recent years? Too busy raising his son, touring colleges, and honing his rapier pundit wit to be out getting drunk with his husband, I suppose.

Which would also be evidence in favor of Dan needing a nice vacation. We used to get alcohol-fueled columns written by the pool or on the plane ride back, though... I'll be checking for one.
no lovecast = :(

ps. ewwwwww TSARY! please see spammers on your comment threads. eradicate them!

Glad that Dan is getting some R&R. I'm so old I used to read the column in gay newspapers, but for some reason didn't listen to the podcast until a few weeks ago. I was burnt out and coming off of a lot of things. Good things! But much hectic activity that left me very little brain power. Reading, playing music and listening to Savage Love podcasts are restoring my energy levels. How will Dan respond to this call? Some of them are so complicated it's practically a mystery in miniature.

And I've noticed how judgmental I am about many calls, and how kind and compassionate Dan is compared to how I might react in the same situation. (Something for me to work on.) On one of the podcasts Dan apologized for saying he doesn't care about the calls. I'm glad he did, but he almost didn't have to-- anyone who listens to the calls can tell that he cares. And, you know, the It Gets Better project-- definitely started by someone with heart.

Anyway! Two things: One, Dan has turned me and my wife onto musical theatre in a big way. We walk about the house singing Blow Gabriel Blow ala Sutton Foster, our goddess. Congrats Dan! You turned two lesbians into gay men.

Second, a note of caution-- after a weekend of reading Daphne DuMaurier short stories and marathon listening of the Savage Love podcasts, I went to bed Sunday night and dreamed I walked upstairs into a greepy Gothic mansion and got my butt probed. Last night I dreamed I got my ass probed at Manderley again, indeed.

Much love to you and the TSARY!
booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! BOOOOOOOOOO! (etc.)

Hey, so, Dan, Q: Why is it "premarital" sex you're having with the HICBIA? A: It's not, it's actually extramarital sex. That's awesome: you can have marital AND extramarital sex with... the same person! Can straight people do that? NO! And when gay marriage gets legalized, no one will be able to do that. And of the already vanishingly small portion of the human community who can have both marital and extramarital sex with the same person, only a very very very special, privileged, rarified subset can have marital and extramarital sex with the same person on the same day and re-up their membership in the mile high club at the same time. I hope you will take advantage of your history-making opportunities on this transcontinental trip.
The silent lack-of-a-podcast is WAY better than Garfunkel & Oates.

Yes, I'm really still whining about that.
Have fun in the motherland!Bring me back some schnitzel=)
Gee, ever hear of a guest host? A really good one might allow you to take even more time off and still keep the pod going. In the meantime I shall not be calling you, and I shall not be crying, though perhaps I'll tear up just a bit.
Hah, jokes on you. I already have all the previous episodes on my phone and I cycle through them on random.
Anyone who says animals can't give consent have never spent much time around animals. It is very clear if they are enjoying an activity or not and MOST of the time we don't care. As Dan says, when we are eating them or using them for clothing, but also in every other aspect of their lives. What is dog obedience or horse training if not getting animals to do something they otherwise don't consent to in order to be more pleasurable for us.
Now, if a person were to 'rape' an animal, as in force sex upon it when it clearly wasn't wanting to I believe that would be wrong, (But from what I can tell of most dogs, it seems that they are they or often eager to fuck humans, my dog gets a boner all the time and that slimy red snake emerging from his body makes me want to puke every time I see it. I personally can't relate to animal fuckers, but I don't believe they are doing anything wrong) but so is a lot of other shit that animal owners (myself included) force their pets to do against their will, sometimes even with inward spiked chains around their necks.
So as long as the dog or horse is willing, so be it. After if they aren't, then the person will probably get bitten or kicked in the stomach. Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be, don't fuck an animal small enough that it couldn't stop you if it wasn''t into it.