Savage Love Episode 304


Oh, the 15-year-old zit-popper is just heart-breakingly adorable.
The "arm zits" are probably not zits but Keratosis pilaris. You can squeeze some sort of white guck out of them, but you shouldn't!
Sadly, I think that Dan got the facts exactly opposite for the cheated upon snooper. The other guy knew about the crazy chick's eating disorder and self-mutilation but did not know about her sleeping around. That may change the advice, but I am not sure.
Pilaris Keratosis is not zits per se, but you can squeeze them, & a hard bump comes out.
It typically is on upper arms & legs, also called "Chicken Skin".

I am sorry that Savage didn't really help you there. :(

I know stuff is supposed to be humorous, but stalking is serious, in any form. However, the situation Dan talked about was sort of funny. But I think it's her fault anyway.
Dan's probably right about the zit popping girl, but just throwing it out there, I get acne, and sometimes I do find bumps on my upper arm and a couple every now and then on my forearms. Although, probably not enough to constitute scars all over them.
I'm the caller from the bro code thing. #3 is right; he knew about he mental stuff but not about me, and that was my question.
Yes, chiming in to say I had KP as well on my arms, cheeks, and upper legs from birth (grew out of it around 25, which happens sometimes). I could not resist squeezing them. They do kind of act like zits. It wasn't sexual for me but it certainly was a little endorphin rush, from you know, low grade pain. Caller, my mother was very alarmed by my scabby arms (she did not know what KP was--I read about it on the internet in my late teens). I learned to hide it, since I thought that at my core it wasn't really an issue. If it bothers you on yourself (it sounds like you would *like* to have lovers with zits) moisturizing and gentle exfoliation can help. I pop zits on my lovers and am really good at it from years of practice on myself, ha ha. I have some crackpot theories about "social grooming" and bonding and I'm ok with it all. If you get a sexual charge out of it, then more power to you! Good luck!
I really want to know that story about your friend getting eaten by Dhamer O__O
I have some SERIOUS KP issues, and I also have a bit of a zit fetish. My advice to the zit fetishist is to play the OCD card, tell your parents that your zits bother you so much that you feel compelled to squeeze them, and then talk to a therapist about the actual paraphilia. Also, I'm really glad I'm not alone there!!!
It may not be the popping of the zits that's resulting in scarring for the caller - severe acne damages the dermis due to inflammation and can cause scarring regardless of what one does to pimples that form. Also, Dan, while it's rare, acne can be that severe, present on the arms, and can persist well after adolescence. The caller may simply want to consider seeing a dermatologist about her acne and look for other ways to get her squeezing-goo-out-of-things rocks off (she mentioned Gushers and that they're awesome for her - stick with those? Try injecting gelatin or something else gooey into bubble wrap and then squeezing it out?).
I've got scars on my arms from popping whiteheads wheni was a kid. i wish i hadn't done it, but it's not the worst thing in the world. I swear it's not a sign of some deeper psycological problem. Just a dumb habit that i still have. I don't think that kid needs to read too much into it.
But the scars last so it's a good reason to quit!!
If you're a surgeon, people pay you money to drain abscesses. One of those can be the highlight of an otherwise difficult day.
#7 -- how do you know that the other guy doesn't know about you? I didn't get that from your call.
@15 she ruminates on it a bit in her journal wondering if she's doing the right thing keeping us unaware of each other =/
I don't want to stick a Not Really Supportive label on Tadzio's Sister, but saying she had no idea because, "He's not a fairy," does deserve, if not a Yellow Card, at least a few minutes in the Penalty Box.
Um, Dan? The first caller has to wait THREE YEARS to take your advice. Her brother is 15, and your points were directed at the sister of an 18-year-old. Perhaps she needs some more immediate guidance on supporting her brother through the coming out process AND helping him deal with the fact that his recent, and possibly first, lover is now in jail? That can't be emotionally uncomplicated for him.
Sorry, not the first caller, the third. The one #17 is referring to.
I agree with 18 here. Even if you're a horned up 15 year old, don't lie about your age. If someone takes you at your word and has sex with you, that person can go to jail and be labeled a sex offender. And even from a selfish perspective, it can't be emotionally healthy to see someone imprisoned for having sex with you!
#7 I think that the girl you dated was quite cruel towards you and I can understand why you were hurt. I doubt it make much of a difference whether she has mental health problems or not. Yes, they probably compelled her to seek solace from multiple sources but I know people with worse mental health problems than her who do not choose to do this.
Anyway, in answer to your bro code question- no I do not see what advantage you are doing for this bloke anyway by telling him. He will probably completely resent you for it as he had already guessed at it. Have you ever thought of his motives for being in this relationship with this girl and acting as her 'rock'? I doubt it or if you did you had a rosey picture of him being a sweet clueless guy who was taken in by her. He may like the idea of being her saviour. He might even be abusive and enjoy her being totally overly dependent on her. Either way, you don't know what his reaction would be. So in that case, the thing is leave well alone. If you are angry then you have a right to tell her you are upset. Otherwise, it is probably best to cut off all contact with her as she sounds like she has too many issues for any one else apart for her family to deal with.
Pimples are disgusting, but there sure is a lot of money in the business of getting rid of them...especial for teenagers. Doesn't anyone feel bad for these people?
I have zits on my arms, and scars from picking at them - my forearms, upper arms, and shoulders. Strangely, they got worse as I got older, while my facial acne improved (I'm 30). It's like my acne is traveling downward and hopefully will soon erupt on my hands, my fingertips, and then go away. Ok, that probably won't happen. Anyway, arm acne's uncommon, as far as I can tell, but not impossible.
For the guy whose friend texts penis pics to him and other friends: You all need to tell him that all future texts will be forwarded to his mom. Then do it.

If that doesn't stop him after the first foward blitz, it's time to block him.
Thanks for being in Iowa this week, Dan. I love it when the rest of the country gets reminded that Iowa has marriage equality - it's not just for the coasters. We beat New York by three years.
Well, aside from the girl's psychological problems, if it's the squeezing that gives her such joy, why doesn't she just buy gushers and pop them? She could just tell her mom she loves them intensely and get them in her lunch every day and then hide them until sexy time. Or something else that's fun to pop, like caviar or something.

And for bro code guy, I actually think you should tell him. Make a profile on whatever he was using to attempt to communicate with her and say all of it once. Then delete it.
Regarding the "for external use only" on the sex toy packaging, it is still illegal in Alabama to sell sex toys. Other states probably have similar laws on the books, even if they have been previously challenged in courts. I expect that there are other countries with similar laws. It's still lazy lawyering and I have a hard time believing that such a warning sold on a G-spot or prostrate stimulation device, sold in a sex toy store would give much protection to the seller in a state that would actually prosecute the sale of sex toys. But it's probably not lazy lawyering to protect against personal injury lawsuits, and it wouldn't work for that purpose anyway.
They used to put brief lectures about the 1st Amendment at the front of videos or in fronts of books and magazines for the same reason. I don't think they protected anybody either.
I would attribute the un-offensiveness of "twat" in the UK to the fact that they use it really often, and always in a funny context. Also, yeah, they pronounce it cute (it's ironic that we pronounce it with the long A sound over here).
What's up with the dig on "lazy graphic designers" by the Smitten Kitten gal? In most cases, the "lazy graphic designers" don't have the final say on the copy that goes on the packages. One can double check and question it, yes, but no need to lay the blame on the designer!