AUG 11, 2006


Grand Champeen

Why: (MUSIC) Live-rock truism #32: You can judge the impact of a performance by watching the exiting audience. Grand Champeen (arguable heirs to the legacies of Superchunk and the Replacements) played the Tractor a couple of years ago, and I was dumb enough to show up just as they were finishing. It was apparent by all the incredulous head shaking and wide-eyed raving that I had seriously missed out. Don't make the same mistake. (Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave, 784-4880. 9 pm, $8 adv/$10 DOS, 21+.)

AUG 12, 2006



Why: (ART) Bull is a video in which Austrian artist Hubert Dobler proves that you can't keep a good motorcycle down. A good motorcycle charges and snorts and revs and roars. His engine is always running, even when he's tethered to the ceiling of a dusty warehouse and all he can do is thrash about and kick up furious smoke. He demands to be watched. This is not to say that the other art at Howard House—a sculpture show including works by Diem Chau, Jenny Heishman, Sean Johnson, and Jason Wood—should be ignored. Just when you go, don't miss the Bull in the back room. (Howard House, 604 Second Ave, 256-6399. 10:30 am–5 pm, free.)

AUG 13, 2006


Zucchini 500 Races

Why: (FOODSPORT) Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to start your squashes at the Zucchini 500 Races at the West Seattle Farmers' Market. All you need is a dream—zucchinis, wheels, axles, and decorative bits will be supplied by the market and generous farmers. Finalists from each heat will compete in a final winners' race, and the victorious will receive ribbons, hard-earned glory, and adoration. (West Seattle Farmers' Market, SW Alaska St and California Ave SW, 10 am–noon, free.)

AUG 14, 2006


Rords of the Froor 3

Why: (HOT DRUNK ACTION) This is the third installment of Rords, Seattle's only amateur breakdancing contest that requires its contestants to get shitty before competing—that's right, one fat shot o' booze before each battle. Also required: some sort of getup (think 1980s) and that contestants actually be amateurs (NO experience is a must). If you're still chicken, even after knockin' back some shots, please know that the winner takes home ONE THOUSAND smackeroos. Cash. (War Room, 722 East Pike St, 328-7666. 9 pm, $10, 21+.)

AUG 15, 2006


'Brothers of the Head'

Why: (FILM) Okay, it's hard to admit this, but my favorite thing about this fake (but not mock) documentary about conjoined twins who become proto-punk stars in '70s Britain is the scene where they kiss on the mouth. (Hot! No, gross... snigger. Eww!) Real-life identical twins Harry and Luke Treadaway wear sexy eyeliner, play surprisingly awesome music, and slink around with touchingly hormonal dysphoria. (Varsity, see Movie Times, page 95, for more info.)

AUG 16, 2006


'Army of Shadows'

Why: (FILM) This absolutely stunning film about the French Resistance has, incredibly, never before been distributed in the U.S. Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville with all the clenched drama of his better-known gangster flicks, Army of Shadows darts from concentration-camp breakouts to clandestine trips across the English Channel in a submarine, taking queasy detours into the extremes of movement discipline and the ordeal of parachuting into Vichy France. It's the most righteously complex movie about the Resistance I've ever seen. (Harvard Exit, see Movie Times, page 95, for more info.)

AUG 17, 2006


'This Is Gallery'

Why: (ART) When Lawrimore Project opened in June, one object on display was a fake receipt of sale of a SuttonBeresCuller sculpture for $1 million to the Whitney Museum of American Art. The message was clear: Lawrimore wants to launch national careers for Seattle artists. This Is Gallery is a trailer for the coming two years of solo shows, a group exhibition with an international roster, setting locals like Cris Bruch and Tivon Rice next to names like Erwin Wurm and Charles LaBelle. See for yourself how well they stand up. (Lawrimore Project, 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231. 11 am–6 pm, free.)

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