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Louis C.K. Responds to the Allegations: "These Stories Are True"

One of the Costumes from Hamilton Is On Its Way to the Smithsonian

All the Leaves Are Dying and It's Particularly Beautiful Right Now

The Stranger Got Another Handwritten Letter to the Editor

Weather Report: It's Snowing a Lot

Jennifer Zeyl Is the New Artistic Director of Intiman

Rat Film Looks at Rats, Redlining, and Racial Segregation

Wow, Blade Runner 2049 Was Unbelievably Boring

Cafe Racer Announces They're Closing for Good

Jerry Dixon Named New Artistic Director of Village Theatre

Late-Night Happy Hours

Where you can get good deals on food at odd hours.

A Sneak Peak at BenDeLaCreme's Scary, Campy Halloween Show

A drag queen who never liked horror as a kid decides it's time to make the genre her own.

OK, OK, I Admit It, I Watched Will & Grace Last Night

The Stranger's 2017 Back to School Issue

Advice you won't get anywhere else about college, sex, drinking, drugs, and the city of Seattle.

Listen to Morrissey's New Single, "Spent the Day in Bed"

Town Hall's Executive Director Shares Some Good News

The Sound of Music Is Now Trenchant Political Commentary

The Best Theater, Dance, and Comedy Events in Seattle This Fall

Picks from The Fall 2017 Edition of Seattle Art and Performance

A Math Prodigy Becomes a Writer in an Attempt to Understand His Cousin's Inexplicable Crime

Ben Blum's True-Crime Memoir Ranger Games Looks at What Elite Military Training Does to a Person's Mind

Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio

They Are Trying Valiantly to Keep That Grass Green, Aren't They?

Can You Make Sense of this Graffiti?

Video: Protesters in Durham, NC, Topple a Confederate Statue

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