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Geek Out and Get Woke with These Essential Podcasts

From Whiskey Sour Feelings Hour to Pod Save America, Here’s What’s Keeping Us Sane

The Spring 2017 Seattle Art and Performance Guide Is Out Now

The Long Shadow of Lynching in 2017

Waning Finds Grim Resonances in the Life of a Black Teenage Girl

The Understated Pop Brilliance of a 5th Avenue Theatre Director

Bill Berry has a reputation for coaxing funny performances out of actors. How does he do that?

Trivia Fun Time! How Well Do You Know Orlando?

As UW Drama Stages an Adaptation of Orlando, It's Time to Test Your Knowledge of Orlando Trivia!

The King and I is Worth Getting to Know

The King and I at the Paramount Was Much Better Than I Expected

Who Killed Teatro ZinZanni?

How the Successful Circus Cabaret Got Ejected by an Ordinary Land Deal

Every Five Minutes Shows How Torture Warps Time

What Does Mayor Murray Think About...the Theater?

That'swhatshesaid Is Now in the Public Domain

Teatro ZinZanni's Sanitized Queerness

The 12 Moments in Seattle Theater That Helped Us Survive 2016

Krampus Christmas Is a Boring Nightmare Unworthy of Time, Money, and Critical Attention

I'm a Worse Person for Having Seen It

Memo to the Theater Stagehands Who Didn't Know That I Was Joking

I Died of Happiness at The Little Mermaid Last Night

As One Transcends the Trump Blues

Go See This Coming-of-Age Opera About a Trans Woman Discovering Her Authentic Self

A Raisin In the Sun: Still Good

Can Performance Art Fight Climate Change?

Activist Ensemble Coltura Hopes It Can At Least Persuade You to Buy an Electric Car
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