Blabbermouth Podcast: A Year After Trump Victory, Democrats Finally Start Winning; Another Day, Another Mass Shooting; and More


About the massacre in a Texas church. The man was placed into a psych facility for testing to see if he was mentally ill. NOPE. He then got put into a Navy brig (prison) for a year for beating his wife and son.
PLEASE Dan et al, do NOT call this man mentally ill. You are spitting on every person with a true mental illness. If we call every person who guns down people “mentally ill” no one belongs in a prison. I guess they should all be put in mental hospitals...where they can kill the staff and other patients? Murderers are mean SOBs with no djt and his brood of big game hunters.

He KNEW what he was doing. THAT’S the difference. He’s a criminal who walked into a gun store and bought 4 military grade assault weapons with thousands of rounds of ammunition. Neighbors heard him practicing every night...but no one cared.

He had magazines capable of holding 400 need to stop and reload. He was a horrible guy--but NOT mentally ill!

According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only 3 to 5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness.

The rest are just careless (shooting up into the air celebrating New Years) or bad people.

Also the law that Trump rescinded AGAIN was not about the mentally ill. As an MD I was able to determine if someone had dementia or Alzheimer’s and therefore needed to remove his guns and not let him buy anymore.

I have a 85 y/o widower who drives on the wrong side of the street (less traffic!) and keeps a loaded Glock in his glove box. I asked him when he would use it. “If I saw a woman getting raped, I’d kill the guy.” How do you know that they are not just having consensual sex?
“I’d kill him anyway.--shouldn’t be having sex out in the open.” He keeps frying his microwave by cooking w metal pots. I had his kids disconnect his stove AND water heater. I was afraid he’d burn his house down...or turn up his water heater and get first and second degree burns while taking a shower.

Yeah-allow these guys to have guns. Senator Grassley felt that the government needs to PROVE a guy is incapable...just can’t accept a diagnosis from an MD. BTW I was breaking the law as I am not allowed to ask about guns in the house. I can talk about keeping poisons and meds locked up...but nothing with guns.

Dan! Please don’t confuse bad guys with mentally ill and mentally deficient!

But then again there is a LARGE part of me that thinks that any guy who owns 30 or forty guns is NUTZ! 3% of our population owns 50% of guns. Nine million people own 160 million guns. That averages 18 weapons EACH.

Right before my brother-in-law died of Hep C, he called me to his place as he didn’t want to die alone. I found over 30 weapons including a Bren 10...the gun that Sonny Crockett wore in Miami Vice that sounded like a cannon. He had just bought it online auction for $3750. He had Sig Sauers, Kalashnikovs, even a machine gun! He had tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.
I was in Vietnam in the 44th medical battalion and have NEVER FIRED A GUN. I HATE THEM.

I would give Bob liquid morphine. Wait until he slept, then gathered them up in bed spreads and filled up me Prius. Took them to the Tuscaloosa City Police. Took me ten trips. He died at 0300, I called his family and the first thing they said was “Where are the guns?”

I shrugged and said I had no idea. I just wish they would repeal the 2nd amendment and make it a felony to posses a gun. Amazing how other countries do JUST fine without these deadly toys. If you were to stand in blood trying to patch up a three year old who had been shot with three .223 rounds...well guns are stupid...and so are the people who own them.
@1: I was breaking the law as I am not allowed to ask about guns in the house. I can talk about keeping poisons and meds locked up...but nothing with guns.

What a weird goddamn oversight. Well, if you're looking at it from an optimistic, honest perspective, anyway. If you know anything about politics in America, it's more maddening than puzzling.

Thanks for the podcast, guys. It's so refreshing to hear you all speak of current events in excited, jubilant tones for once. Half the time it sounds like you're all passing around a very large bottle and taking swigs between comments, to keep the despair at bay (not that I blame you in the least).
This is an astonishingly ignorant headline. Throughout 2017, democrats have won over 25% if seats held by Republicans in special elections whole losing no D held seats. That's a remarkable record of success.
How about militarized police killing people of color? The prison industrialized complex with millions held in harsh circumstances because they didn’t have the $ to get out? The U.S.A. sending the military complex into Africa and the Middle East to do what? No questions asked?
Weaponry beyond belief to keep the casino economy going that ruins lives and mother earth’s air, water, and soil.

Expecting the democrats to save you is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
They are the lesser evil. Still evil and answerable to the elite or are the elite, Most people are suffering from overwhelming stress to pay their bills, living from paycheck to paycheck with no vacations and most politicians are living in luxury usually already rich when they came to office and paid well at our expense. Free ride from the poor working class and the rest of the struggling. OK start screaming. The truth is dangerous.
Tl;dr @1:

Anyone who feels the need to own this many guns is CRAZY.

We mock hoarders, let's also mock these clowns.

And if they're ideologically preparing for a civil war, they're also CRAAAAAZY.

Last i checked, planning to take down the U.S. Gov't was a felony. Let's start acting that way.
Empires fall.
What is your solution, Ms. Nightscales? Or are you one of those people who just want to rage against the dying of the light?
@6 Catalina Vel-Du-Ray: I know you're talking to Ivy R. Nightscales, but personally, I'd rather see the return of a blue wave sweep across country. Make America Think Again!
Oops--I meant Catalina Vel-DuRay @7. ITMFA!
OMG -- an Actual Fetus DIED during our most-recent mass shooting?! Has it come to THIS?!

Whatever the fuck happened to our "Well-Regulated Militia"?