Don't Forget About Nashville


It's still surreal to see the places I once used to visit fairly regularly under water. Crazy
How do you donate to Haiti again?
Well, being a red state and all, I'm sure they won't be asking for any gubmint assistance.
Perhaps their god mistook the fat-saggy breasts they sport for something salacious and smote them? Or maybe country music is actually peopled by closeted lesbians, and again the smiting thing.
Not enough poor, screaming, black folk in the streets for liberals to care. Poor white folk don't deserve any sympathy.
Super-classy, assholes. Nashville is a great city, and it's home to a lot of excellent people and beautiful spots. What's happening there right now is awful, and you're not helping when you write off everything south of Ohio as Shitty Goddy Wasteland.

(And for what it's worth, assholes, Nashville's vote count for Obama outnumbered McCain's by over 50,000. Because clearly that matters in assessing whether other human beings need or deserve help when they're faced with a natural disaster.)

Megan, thanks for posting this. That video of the Opryland Hotel is heartbreaking.
a flooded mall is not a tragedy. a flooded hotel is not a tragedy. a flooded ryman auditorium is a tragedy.
i can't believe the negative comments i see here on slog... grow up. this is a tragedy, and your idiocy has nothing to do with it.

These are my three main concerns:

1) Finish preparing my Swiss on Dave's "Killer Bread" grilled cheese sandwich.

2) Find a reasonably entertaining action thriller on Netflix streaming.

3) Worry about water in downtown Nashville.

wow. lotta fucking assholes on here, eh? well i was in nashville 2 weeks before this happened, even stayed at the opryland hotel for a night (wife had a conference there). this is a tragedy of epic proportions. there are good people in nashville, fuckers.

#7, the ryman is high and dry. but the grand old opry at opryland (which used to be held at the ryman) itself is underwater, and so is the gibson factory at opry mills. plus a shit ton of local small businesses. i don't know how east nashville is faring, but you fucking hipsters would be crying in your pbr and pissing your skinny jeans if it was underwater. it's like capitol hill with twang.
there are 'good people' affected in every natural disaster. everyone is 'good'.

there have been so many natural disasters lately, each one hard on the heels of the previous, that americans have disaster fatigue. so when someone shows me a flooded mall (a structure that never should have been built), i have a hard time getting as worked up as when 1/3 of the nation's seafood supply is being actively poisoned with crude oil.

both of these disasters i can do virtually nothing about except token gestures like texting $5 to haiti. i can't install a containment dome at -5000', i can't make the floodwaters recede.

i'm glad the ryman is dry. my personal concern is the preservation of historic buildings and places. not malls.
and flood-damaged professional sports facilities are not tragedies, either.
Keep it up with the shitty comments, folks, and let's see how much sympathy we receive when an 8.0 hits and our crumbling infrastructure gets fucked eight ways from Sunday.
I haven''s my favorite Altman film!
@5 Obamma is too busy to go see what's happening in Nashville. He hates white people.
Thanks for posting this, I just now saw it. This flood has been incredibly devastating, and not just to business. May 1 and 2 were our first and third highest daily rainfall totals ever recorded - and we got them back-to-back. Almost 14 inches, a fourth of our yearly average, in 48 hours. The corp of engineers called it a 1000-year flood event. Many, many, many homes completely destroyed, some well out of range of any "typical" flood or high water, and so completely uninsured. East Nashville, like many other parts of town, has several pockets of very hard-hit areas, people who have lost literally everything. Too many sad stories to tell, but I'm glad to see that people are still thinking about us, even if we've left the national news. Donate to the Red Cross, they do AMAZING work. I've seen a lot of montage videos, but this is my favorite, set to Johnny Cash (who would be sad to see the damage to Hendersonville).…