Barbarians Return To Marcus Bachmann's Clinic


I'm sorry. I support your cause but glitter is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. Or should be.
@1 - I have heard it called the herpes of crafts.
@1 and 2:

I respectfully disagree with my fellow Sloggers. I love a combination of protest and glitter.
The article left out the fact that we performed an elaborately choreographed dance routine to 'Born This Way' as our Marcus stand-in was being converted. Also, lots of people from the other businesses in the office park came out and cheered. Glitter is our weapon of choice and with it we will be victorious.
Video, Jil?
Look, I am on board with the idea that Marcus Bachman is probably gay.

I also agree that his "pray away the gay" scam is reprehensible.

However, to think that when he said that "we have to educate the barbarians" he was talking about gays rather than children requires either a deliberate misunderstanding of what he meant, a lack of understanding of western culture, or both.

He was obviously referring to the old saying "Every society is only generation away from barbarism." This being the idea that cultural values (and of course everything else) must be taught. Without adults to teach them, there is no difference between children and barbarians.

If you look at Marcus's comment in context it is clear that what he meant is that children should be taught that homosexuality is wrong and that they should choose to be straight instead, all they need is guidance from adults to make the right choice.

Now stop for a second. What he really said, and really meant is offensive enough. What he really said was a one sentence defense of anti-gay repairitive therapy.

It is totally counterproductive to focus on the made up controversy because it gives him, and his side, a totally legitimate beef. They can claim, correctly, that he never said what you are alleging he said. They can continue to feel like victims of liberal oppression.

On the other hand, what is being ignored here is a recorded example of Marcus defending "pray away the gay." This is something he has tried to downplay and evade.

In other words, this manufactured controversy has allowed the Bachmans a legitimate beef and claim to be misunderstood and persecuted while causing a real "gotcha" moment on an actual issue to be totally papered over and ignored. Not a win for the good guys.

On the other hand, dressing up is fun, so there is that.
Peaceful protests involving choreographed dance!! What a wonderful world.
Glitter: the genital herpes of the craft aisle.
In all seriousness, though, a good idea for that group might be a prolonged "It Gets Better" sidewalk/public area protest (all the hours the clinic is open) with messages of hope for the poor kids who are being brought in by their parents, and perhaps some PFLAG signs aimed at the parents...
Seriously, put the real video on here: this one doesn't do it any justice at all!…
Please post the real version of the video, this one doesn't do it ANY justice.
Here's the official video, with my compliments! I'm the hairball tossing glitter on Marcus' head right at the end:…
They danced and threw glitter at someone who offended them? That is the modern, fabulous equivalent of turning the other cheek! I don't know if these guys like Christianity, but they sure are good at it.
Oh I love the parting phrase...!

(PS - Dan, dump the crappy behind video for the front authorised version - it rocks!)