It's May Day, and Mayor McGinn Remains Concerned About Violence


Paint balloons? Oh my god. Bring the cavalry.

(Oh, that's right. They did.)

True to form, McGinn doesn't mention the violence perpetrated by the SPD at the Port.They shoved their bikes into protesters and threw punches hours before any of those dangerous alleged paint balloons went in the air.

McGinn (nor the Stranger, for that matter) ever mentioned the fact that the SPD closed off the outgoing traffic from Terminal 18. While no one was being allowed in, the folks involved in the port shutdown kept both outbound lanes free so that workers could go home. The SPD - twice! - shut down the outgoing lanes in what I can only assume was an attempt to get the port workers pissed off and assuming that the protesters weren't letting them out. They didn't count on people on bikes letting the workers being help up know what was going on. They also didn't count on the port workers and the protesters allying together to break the SPD barricade.

Does McGinn mention this? No.

This is a garbage attempt to foster division. Everyone sees it for what it is.
"the police are there to try to protect everyone’s public safety as well as make sure that people have the right to express themselves.”

I've lived in this town long enough to know that's a bunch of bullshit. They haven't learned a thing since wto save for how to distract the media better. Anyone you see causing violence is an agent of the state discrediting a peaceful movement for malicious purposes, the state will use these people to take away the freedoms of citizens because the state is afraid of the message. Their planting of agents to discredit us means we're winning. Also, it means today is going to hurt.
Woo-hoo! It's beat-a-hippie day. Pepper spray the protester of your choice.

"Accidentally" spill a steaming hot cup of Starbucks on a communist. It'll almost be like a shower. Their fellow travelers might even thank you for reducing the stink.

Trip a community organizer, a sprained wrist throws no rocks.

Pull the long grey ponytail of the douchebag with the misspelled sign. If he drops the sign, score double. If he claims to be a teacher, score triple.

Claim to recognize one of the new black panthers from the "club", if you can pull it off, insinuate you're gay and he was wonderful. The denials, during the beating from his chums, will be music to your ears.

Go all Perez Hilton on Dan "Bitter Bully Boy" Savage's ass. 'Cause when you've lost Perez, your credibility is gone.
First of May, First of May,
Outdoor fucking starts today,
So grab your favorite lady,
Or at least your favorite lay

-Jonathan Coulton "First of May"
The mayor is normalizing violence perpetrated by SPD. That's all this means. The shit storm at the port was escalated by SPD and if there is violence today, it'll be the SPD that ramps it up to a ridiculous scale.

Occupy should read the Mayor the Riot Act for giving SPD a free pass to get violent early.
Does this mean that someone actually learned something from the WTO riot? Like, be prepared for drugged-up violent psychos who broadcast their intentions to fuck up your city?
Such people do exist: ignore them at your own peril.
I'm a McGinn fan, but I fear he's giving SPD an excuse to prematurely crack down on the 1st Amendment rights of peaceful protestors. SPD cannot be trusted with this power.
Sir Vic, no one's ignoring the steroid-fueled SPD.

I think SPD worries that Occupy will be so fizzled today that they won't be able to earn all the overtime pay they did last year...and the payments on the new boat are due!!
@8 Or ignoring the cowards smashing windows, as predicted. Cops aren't the only violent morons out there.