Sports Writer Mocks NBC's Olympic Coverage on Twitter, Gets Banned from Twitter


You missed the best irony, Paul, and most damning bit:

Twitter didn't suspend Spike Lee's Twitter when he sent out a mistaken street address for where George Zimmerman was living/hiding after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Encourage possible violence as a celebrity? That's OK. But humiliate Twitter's business partner? You're busted.
Install Expat Shield, enable VPN, use BBC iPlayer with ease.

Only problem is, its live, so by the time you get home from work (5-7pm), most of the coverage has died down.
Twitter is NOT "indispensable", just sayin'...
@1 - I was just about to ask about that incident. Thanks! Stay classy, internet!
I really don't get the Olympics coverage. They blather on and on about personal stories. If they cut all that garbage out they could cover so many more events. Also, I want to see more than just the events where Americans are competing. And before the head of NBC says "everything is livestreaming!", it's not for people who don't have a cable/satellite subscription. The Olympics - for the rich only.
@5 I'm with you. Less talk, more sports, specially the ones I never get to see. What the hell, NBC.
I tried NBC's live streaming coverage of gymnastics, and it's awful. Garbled, poorly mixed audio, video was jerky or pixelated or both, and there were 15- to 45-second commercial interruptions every 3 or 4 minutes. Commentators were a step up from NBC's abysmal prime time commentators, but still mediocre.

I've learned through YouTube the last few years how awesome BBC's Olympics coverage is, and I spent three hours yesterday getting Tor to work on my computer, despite the considerable handicap of having no idea what the fuck I was doing. I just finished watching the women's gymnastics team finals on the BBC's website, and it was terrific. Great video quality with no jerkiness, excellent sound, excellent commentators (as expected), and no motherfucking commercials. It stopped to buffer more than I would have liked, but I have no idea if that was BBC's fault or the Tor network's, or if it can be blamed on my old Linux-running computer.

NBC, watch BBC's coverage and be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. You suck out loud.