Oh, and Also...


And to think they financed their own stadium and have two rings in three years.
It's almost November. Why aren't these creatures hibernating?
That was a pretty good sac bunt to move Ryan THE RIOT to scoring position in the 10th. Small ball works.
I didn't even know they had started the series. Baseball is stupid.
Which is the most awesome thing ever!
"I didn't even know they had started the series. "

That's because you're laaaaaame.

In relatively rare circumstances, say a tied game in the tenth inning with a speedy runner on board, then yes small ball works. Though as a general strategy, it's fast becoming obsolete (and I really wish it weren't so, as I enjoy watching it. Just seems to be the reality.)


You're stupid.
@3 After Posey gave him the opportunity by hitting a HR. As Pablo Sandoval would remind you, smallball works but so do other sorts of ball.
Well we can all agree that @4 is a moron.
Maybe all balls are good.
@7 I don't think it's really becoming obsolete. The Giants were dead last in the NL (and all of baseball actually) in HR but were still 6th in runs scored. It really depends on how your team is built and the Giants are definitely built as more of a small ball team.
This might be why the Tigers lost.


That's interesting and perhaps you're right (like I said, hope so.) Though I'm not sure if your stat necessarily proves your point. I'd think that the fact they were scoring that many runs still suggests a fairly proficient offense, even if they're not all coming by way of HR's. I'm sure one of those dorky/stat heavy sites (fangraphs, perhaps) has done some in-depth analysis. Maybe I'll try to find something and follow-up with a link if I do.
It wasn't run production. It was pitching. The Giants had great pitching during their seven game run.
But HR is not the same thing as offense either. The Giants had a pretty effective offense if you account for their ballpark; their OPS+ was tied for the best in the league. They got on base a lot, and they played in a pitcher's park.

If by "small ball" you mean stuff like sacrificing the runner over, it's becoming obsolete because it's usually (not always) a losing strategy; it's very rare that an extra base is worth giving up the most precious thing you have, extra outs. If you mean by "small ball" anything that's not a homer, well then. Few people would consider hitting triples to be "small ball"; the Giants led the league. they also had more singles and doubles than average, and stole more bases (and got caught less often). All this in an extreme pitcher's park, mind. They're a very solid offensive team despite the lower HR numbers.
@ 14

It was pitching and out scoring their opponents 36-7 the last 7 games. That's some big time run production AND pitching.
@13 The offense was really a combination of factors. The Giants slugging was right in the middle of the pack. Pagan led the league in triples but they were very efficient in bringing the runner in from 3rd on sac flys.
Sorry, I only bought playoff tickets for the Sounders.
Shut the fuck up, WiS. just shut up. Shut the FUCK UP.
@16 your point is taken but look at that small number. That's some fine pitching and I'll take that anyday. Sandoval had a freaky World Series.
@16, a World Series is a coin toss. I was referring to the long season. The Giants actually had the best offense in the league, by some measures (9.0 WPA, 7.0 BtWins), and it had absolutely nothing to do with the imaginary ability to bring runners in from third (another coin toss), because that stat isn't counted in the advanced metrics.

I'm sure there's some stats to back that up but that is exactly how the Giants won tonight.
I watched the game from Marlena's, a drag bar in the lower Haight. It was IN-CRED-IB-LE. THE WHOLE CITY IS GOING CRAZY! It's better than 2010! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!

Ah, and of course if there isn't an advanced metric for it then it doesn't exist.
we saw a series one time where one team got more hits but the other team scored more runs and won the series.

what a rip-off!

to get more hits but still not win the series.....
Wow. It's hard to tell who's the biggest pompous ass here. Way to go, Seattle.
Who cares? The Yankees got swept. That was the season highlight.

/bitter Mets fan
If they wrote a book about it Paul, you'd find it to be a pretty interesting story.
Yeah, @ 15 pretty well sums up the points I'd try to make and it depends on how you're defining "small ball." The only thing I might add is that Sandoval was hurt for a good part of the regular season, which surely ate into (haha! he's pudgy) the team's HR total. Having him back for the series obviously provided a boost in that regard.
Small ball happens a lot more in the NL than it does in the AL, due to the use of DH in the AL. As long as they decide pitchers don't really need to know how to hit (or adopt the DH rule in the NL), small ball ain't going nowhere.