What Is It That the Seattle Times Doesn't Understand About the Word "Swap"?


Seriously though, what is this "Seattle Times" you keep talking about?
As you are keen to mention the Seattle Times today, why not be generous and give links to the beleaguered, out-of-touch newspaper's comment pages with the most schadenfreude-laden quips from readers?
Question about the swap: Since it transfers local spending to State levies, is there an assumption by the Times/McKenna crowd that new local levies will then also be applied, thus increasing total spending?
Of course the Times wants us to believe there is money in this shell game. The Blethems are scared to death their tax breaks might go away if the state gets serious about living up to the McCleary decision!
@3 No. The swap halves the cap on local levies. So for districts that are already above 50 percent of their total cap (as most districts are), there's no room after the swap to raise additional local levy dollars.
Keep shinin' that bright light on the Seattle Times' dark and dangerous corners, Goldy et al!

If we were to package all its dysfunctional thinking errors into a DSM IV diagnosis, we would have a profile worthy of lifetime civil commitment to protect the public good.
"math-free magical thinking" what krugman calls the belief in the confidence fairy. they drove a car into a ditch.

these frames concede far too much. the seattle times is lying. it's as plain as the nose on your face.

they are lying for money. to induce the idea that we don't need tax increases. to avoid tax increases. to let blethen and other one percenters keep more money.

the word for lying to get money is fraud. scheme. scam.

you wouldn't say some dude who comes up to you saying hey I just need $2K pull it out of your account, see, I have to pay this fee to get my $50K over there in that bus locker and if you do I will give you half the $50K! but you must act now! someone who believes in magical thinking. you'd call him a bunko man, a con artist, a liar.

it's the same for the whole gop program. they know damn well that one percenters/wealthy investors don't need lower taxes in order to keep on investing their money for profit. they know that bain didn't create jobs as its goal. they know they are not job creators, they are return seekers, duh. they know all about money. so when they lie about money, call them liars. to say they believe in magical thinking is to completely misunderstand what's going on. they are swindling the public, lying to the public, fooling the public, to get, keep and not pay taxes on their wealth; to keep us poorer and more uneducated; to con us. stop pussy footing around so much.
I'm starting to tire of Republican math. It was funny to mock them for it during the election but it's getting repetitive.

Is it because they still don't accept that they lost?
Did somebody say "swap"? I think I like where this paper is going with... oh. Taxes? Never mind.
I think the Times should swap names to The Shrinking Relevance and Credibility Times.
You mean Inslee should break his 'no new taxes' pledge? It's the only reason he won if you look at the astounding victory won on 1185.
"In fact, the levy swap would actually erode K-12 funding over time for districts like Seattle."

Like they don't know this! To the neo-liberal shit-heads at the Tines (corporate motto: "sticking a fork in Seattle since wheneverthefuck") that's not a bug, it's a feature.

By hurting the public schools in the Puget Sound population core, they'll reduce support for real public education and increase enthusiasm for union busting and privatization via charter schools, exactly as desired by the billiionaire finger-puppet orgs like TFA, LEV, Stand ON Children, Broad Foundation, Gates Foundation, etc.
You mean Inslee should break his 'no new taxes' pledge? It's the only reason he won if you look at the astounding victory won on 1185.
Posted by Sugartit on November 10, 2012 at 12:23 PM


Fuck you asshole.
Does anyone still subscribe to that rag that lives in Seattle, who doesn't read it mostly for the obituaries?
Quit demeaning all the folks who know the real power of true magic. It's not "magical thinking", it's IDIOCRACY.