Why Are Cow Tails Falling Off? (Or, Frack Your Food)


Fracking is terrifying.
It seems we may be only fracking ourselves. thanks for the link.
"now further tainted with such deep-earth compounds as sodium, chloride"

Holy shit. Sodium and chloride. How terrifying! Hide your salt shakers.

That article is such a poorly written scare job. It betrays a total lack of understanding of chemistry, toxicology or statistics.
Ditto @1 and @2.

Thanks, again, for the link!
Shit like this makes me glad to be vegetarian, but no one should have to worry about the safety of their food. Fucked up.
Here in economically depressed Western New York, many are worried that Cuomo will cave for the money. We need more press like this to persuade the Gov to keep the frack out.

You're crops aren't safe from fracking. They breathe our same air and feed off the same water. In this fight we are allies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Please reconsider use of phrases such as "chemically laced water".

Every substance is a chemical. Even water itself.

If they're fracking by using toxin-laced water (and they are), then write that. Perpetuating the notion that "chemical=poison" contributes to widespread scientific ignorance.
Thanks to fracking the US is set to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest energy producer sometime in the next decade. The environmental consequences of this new technology need to be studied, but this isn't something that can be stopped or should be stopped. The US becoming an energy exporter in a world where fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce, could mean the difference between another American century and our country becoming a second rate power.
@9 - read the rest of the IEA report - the US is projected to be the world's biggest energy producer by the mid 2025s, and keep that status all the way to, wait for it, 2030. Wow. 5 years! Totally worth ruining the one thing that actually does make America great - a fantastically productive agriculture system - for five years of being better than Saudi Arabia. Woopdeedoo.
@10 The IEA report also said that the US would likely be energy independent by 2035 due to increased natural gas production. You don't think not having to worry so much about who controls the Strait of Hormuz would be a good thing?
@11 There is no such thing as true energy independence. Canada is a net energy exporter and their fuel prices are the same as ours.
@12 Those high fuel prices don't seem to have harmed the Canadian economy though.

@10 BTW it's US oil production that is projected to briefly exceed that of Saudi Arabia, before falling beck to a lower level. Once you throw coal and natural gas into the mix we'll be outproducing the Saudis for a lot longer than five years.
@3 (and to a lesser extent @8), yeah I'd take this story with a massive grain of deadly sodium chloride.

I will just say that I've seen that rancher lady on PBS and she pings by bullshit detector off the chart. There's other people in North Dakota who have had problems with spills and accidents and such, but she seems to be the only one suffering from whatever generic fracking related malady she claims her out-of-state doctors say she's suffering from. All of the information from the experts she consulted is being filtered through her, and I frankly am not going to buy it until we can actually get it straight from them.
@14 here are more accounts from some people, though not everyone mentioned, because some of them are dead now.

We could replace the current FDA with a pumpkin in a fedora and it would be exactly as effective and much cheaper.