Let's Not Pretend That Trapping Mexicans with Tacos Isn't Racist


I thought tacos were gringo traps ingeniously designed by Mexicans to lull bigots into post-prandial stupors. But that's me.
On the scale of stoopid that happens in SC, or Jeebusland overall, this is nothing.
Did you send that letter to the restaurant or local paper or are you just demonstrating your PC chops for the choir in Seattle?
Good thing Taco Cid let everyone know how witty his played-out nonsense is, otherwise I don't think anyone would have noticed.
You're not going to trap too many Mexicans with those nasty hard-shell tacos.
Does the stranger get most of its stories from Gawker and Reddit? I read about this 2 days ago.
I'm not sure that they're smart enough to know that it is racism, after all their PR states that they are closed on Sundays, since that is a day of worship... Christian bigotry all wrapped up pretty with bows is still racism.
Cienna, I assume you meant either "capable of little more than" or "incapable of much more than."
Have you seen that photo of the hipster trap?
Bear trap with neon sunglasses, a can of PBR and a Holga camera. Is that a harmless joke or not allowed either?
I just spent a couple of weeks in Mexico, and I have to say...they really do eat an awful lot of tacos down there.

Or at least I did.

There is an Italian joint in Costa Mesa called the Spaghetti Bender. This made me laugh, cause I'm pretty sure Taco Bender has become an offensive term for Mexicans.
But if they made a t-shirt where they replaced the tacos with poutine I would buy it because then it WOULD be a "witty and comical statement regarding illegal immigrants".
They DO eat a lot of tacos in Mexico. But none of the tacos look like that. Some of my friends in Mexico even thought it was funny, because those are clearly not real tacos.
@6 Oh wow, you're so cutting edge!

2 days for a news cycle on a non-major story? They might as well not report it at all!

The quote in the story about not buying their tacos, not because of the racism, but because they make shitty tacos was great.
@11: Considering Cartman throws the term at Caesar Milan as an invective in the "Tsst" episode of South Park, I think that's a safe assumption.
Of all the actual racism there is in the world to get pissed over, people are getting pissed over this?

For shame.

Fucking white people.

/This Mexican thought it was mildly funny. An old joke, but funny.
//Used to go tweaker fishing with light sticks on rods.
As an equally witty reposte, I propose creating a t-shirt with text to read "How To Catch A Taco Cid Customer", and replacing the two tacos with images of one of the following:

Lotto Tickets
Cans of Coors Light
Swanson "Hungry Man" TV Dinners
Pit Bulls
Honey Boo Boo
Confederate Flags
Blocked up 1978 Chevy Camaros
David Duke
Those big busted sillhouetted chicks one sees on the back of Dodge Ram Trucks

After all, I'm sure the owners of Taco Cid would have no problem seeing any of these as a "witty and comical statement" on their customers and not be upset that they might be fomenting some sort of silly "raciall or hate remarks" towards them, right?
On behalf of my state and the people of my state, I apologize. I apologize personally for not having done enough to make the owners of this business aware that this sort of misbehavior is not acceptable. I am ashamed that these people think they can operate while displaying this kind of Hate. Please believe me, we're not all like that.
"Tweaker fishing"? Do tell...
I agree with @13. What you whites think is Mexican food is anything but.

More like feast food without the crunchy goodness that is usually there.

(not saying I'm Hispanic, but a lot of my relatives are, and I spend holidays with them)
@20 What do you mean "you whites"?
Wait, are we saying hard-shelled "tacos" makes it racist, but if they had instead (say) a nice pastor with the pineapple, onion, and cilantro on a small, hand-made corn tortilla, it wouldn't be?

I'm so confused.
No stereotypes implied here at all: "I have to assume it's because generations of hillbilly inbreeding have rendered you incapable of little more than fucking your sister-cousin..."
@17: Did I hear my name?
Props to 8, 16 and 23. I totally share the thoughts you express... and they seen missed by most..
@23 [That'sTheJoke.jpg]
Mexican is not a race.