Greek Police Try to Photoshop Away Signs of Prisoner Abuse


Meanwhile, in Greece, the list of the Top 100 Tax Avoiding Greeks, known as the LaGrande List, continues to disappear every time someone finds it, since it contains many highly connected individuals who pay 0 percent or less taxes on their homes, super yachts, and multi-million Euro earnings.

Torture is only for the little people.
The Minister of Public Order Mr Dendias... said that the pictures were photoshopped in order for the faces of the arrested to be more recognisable...

"Democratically elected" is a bit of a stretch since a large portion where forced on the Greeks. Beyond the set of internationally chosen "technocrats" who would supervise the greeks adherence to its creditors demands the election was a "do this or we'll bankrupt you" affair.

Also we have to remember that the Junta wasn't that long ago.