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Your thug is broken.
The Sawant salary news is so big it gets mentioned twice, or is that just the Slog echo chamber ?
Is your Kshama broken, too?

Or, is the news so nice you have to say it twice?
Jen has baroque The Slog.
In honor of Pete Seeger's environmental activism, a new link between DDT and Alzheimer's, with a Sloggerrific pull quote:
..."Alzheimer’s is a complex disease and there isn’t one single factor driving it," cautioned study author Jason Richardson, of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School...

...In recent years, researchers have focused on locating specific genetic defects responsible for this type of dementia, Richardson said. The Rutgers study offers further evidence that genes alone probably aren’t the whole explanation; pesticide exposure may play a role.

He cited a colleague’s saying: "Genetics loads the gun. Environment pulls the trigger."

It's easy for Sawant to donate her salary since she won't need to spend another dime on campaigns as long as The Stranger is around to treat her first day on the job like the March on Washington. Goldy's bleating about The Times giving McKenna free advertising is starting to look hypocritical.
Everyone knows where the word "thug" comes from. It's a reference to the Thuggee cult of India, which would waylay and strangle travelers either to rob them or as a sacrifice to Kali, a Hindu death-goddess.
R.I.P. Pete Seeger
@6, it's also easy since her husband is brining home a nice paycheck from Microsoft
I grew up listening to Pete Seeger. It's a smaller, sadder, and less tuneful world without him.
Are there SOTU watch parties around town like there were for the presidential debates? I'd appreciate suggestions, especially ones in Cap Hill, Downtown, or nearby neighborhoods.
Awesome video at the end. What a wonderfully positive man.
@2 you appear to have trouble counting to "1".
@Ten Ways to Tackle Economic Inequality in This Country...

Almost every item mentioned harkens back to FDR's New Deal, and those portions he wasn't able to enact prior to his death in office.

But the reality remains, for anyone who can do arithmetic, we have a jobless recovery in America (officially the fourth), which Obama is sort of, kind of, just now addressing, while behind the scenes doing a zillion times worse with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the TransAtlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), plus a few other lesser ones.

From 2008 --- 2010, 8.7 million full-time jobs were lost, and we've only had 2 million (???) jobs created. (Note that there is no qualifier on new job creation as the majority are part-time jobs, but no exact numbers on those. We do know that in December, those 74,000 "new jobs" cited were all, and I emphasize ALL, temporary seasonal Christmas-type jobs. So many of those new jobs can be one-time only four-hour temp jobs, or a one-day only temp job, or a several hour per week job, etc.)

It is really that bad, and getting worse.

And these are the official numbers, the actual numbers tend to be worse.

Another official number is that the top 1% were the recipient of 95% of wage gains between 2007 --- 2009. (In a 2006 NY Times Business blog article, several economists from Goldman Sachs explained that the reason why the banks and some of the corporations were getting all the profits was that labor was getting a smaller slice of the pie, i.e., their wages were shrinking. That has always been their strategy and still is.)

While some bemoan the difficulty of the longest unemployed in getting jobs, because corporations choose not to hire them, the reality is that the jobs base has once again been whittled down as real new job creation takes place overseas, concurrent with all the jobs offshoring.

Neither President Obama, nor the Bushes, Clinton and Reagan, did anything to address this. A continuum of Wall Street stooges and lackeys, aiding and abetting in the dismantling of the American economy.

@12: Are you insinuating that 2, 6, and 9 are racists? If so, why?
@9, Cato Instituter , you keep repeating the same bullcrap when you know very well Councilmember Sawant has long been divorced from her husband.

Mandatory reading before the president's SOTU.

This is an excellent article by economist Paul Craig Roberts, and while I don't agree with Mr. Roberts on all the issues, his understanding of finance, and the interaction between finance and economics is one of the finest I've ever read:…

@16, the racist comments they regularly post are a pretty good indicator.

Jen's original post actually had the news about Kshama in it twice. Jen corrected it. to the remainder of ChefJoe's comment, well, that's on him.
And more pre-SOTU address reading and viewing:……

(just one paragraph from the above article)

There’s the tax restructuring in favor of the rich and their businesses, the free trade and offshoring, the atrophying of the real minimum wage, the dismantling of real pensions and employer contributions to healthcare, the shift from full time permanent jobs to part time and temp work, the destruction of unions and higher paying union jobs, the displacing of higher paid jobs with technology, substitution of credit for lack of wage growth, failure to invest in the US by corporate America, so on and so on.. That’s why jobs, real wages, and incomes for the vast majority of American households has stagnated at best, and declined in real terms for most. That’s why wage earners’ income of the bottom 80% households have contributed to income inequality.
@17, does she receive alimony? Did she receive half of their joint wealth upon divorce, as Washington law stipulates? She could very easily be a wealthy woman. Giving away part of her salary is silly grandstanding.
@17, you should read #22.

BTW, I usually agree with you on most things but I find it interesting you go on the attack on people without reason.

Here's what I suggest: LET'S MEET IN PERSON!! I'd suggest a coffee shop somewhere close to downtown. And let's arrange it on line so we can put real faces behind your outrage and you can see who this person is who you are calling a racist.

The ball is in your court!!!
@19, @14, @12 - I've been called many things, but a racist that can't count beyond 1 is certainly new. Congrats on being such "special" snowflakes.
@17 Still waiting for your name the place and time. Let's make this meeting happen!!
@24, I've been called racist twice on Slog: today and one time awhile back by Dominic for pointing out I didn't like taking the cabs in Seattle because most of them never seemed to be cleaned of the rotting food containers in the back seat.

It's how you "win" arguments on Slog when the facts don't pan out for you or if someone presents new facts that don't fit your agenda.
@26 I'm a little puzzled too. I'm an equal opportunity cynic & misanthrope, thank you very much.
Besides, someone had to close rob!'s dangling bold format.
R.I.P. Pete Seeger.

Great video of him and Johnny Cash performing. I remember seeing that as a kid.
@27, I was just going back to fix it when your comment popped up. I usually type a short word like "test" at the end of a comment and then preview just to make sure my tags aren't garbled, but I had to force-quit my browser because it was bogging down and the copy/paste didn't get done correctly. Thanks.
Who called anyone racist, other than raindrop, for starters. There's definitely a weird reaction to Sawant that often falls along racial, gender, and nativist lines, but no one knows if @2, @6, @9 are white, black, green or purple, so while Sawant's rise definitely makes it "worse for white racists," the defensive responses are more telling than any comment I made here.
@30: Please read @16. Then then read the first sentence of @30. Then read @16 again.