Religious Leaders Sue North Carolina for the Right to Perform Gay Wedding Ceremonies


You must feel pain awfully easy. Toughen up Big Boy.
I've wondered this for a long time. Gay people have been having marriage ceremonies and such far longer than they've had the legal right to marry.

The smart move would have been to eliminate federal recognition of marriage (and replace with a strictly legal-financial partnership recognition which can't be hijacked by "morality") and let churches perform religious rites for whomever they chose.

The market has spoken pretty clearly - with some outliers, gay marriage is largely accepted and only becoming moreso (also handily describes why conservatives are appealing to the courts, rather than churches). Giving more power to the market on this issue would be a step in the right direction.
Right here:…

They respond by making an attack on the plaintiff's religious doctrines. Without a trace of irony suggesting that the suit is groundless because its filed by a bunch of heretics.

Well played UCC!
Fuck the bigots.
@3 - Now that is some first-class hilarity!
@3: Hm, so if it were the will of the people for marriage to be equal, they would accept it? Somehow I doubt this.
I attended several religious same sex weddings before this state recognized gay marriage. This makes a good press release, but legally it has no legs. The government doesn't stop anyone from performing religious ceremonies, it just chooses which ones count as civil marriages too.
@7 No, no, no, no, no.

Seatackled posted a celebratory comment on the Slog morning news to an article about this story which contained a link to the full brief:…

In that brief is a reference to the section of law that criminalizes a minister conducting a religious marriage without a license. To wit:…
In most states that have marriage equality bans, the bans are strictly civil. What makes the NC law different is that it also outlaws religious ceremonies as well. I don't see how this would hold up if a minister did get arrested for sanctifying a same sex couple's relationship, but that is how this law was intended.

The UCC has been pushing its member churches to support LGBT inclusivity for over 25 years now. This included same sex commitment ceremonies in states that still have marriage equality bans, and marriage ceremonies in states that allow it. We have been saying for a while now that our religious freedoms are being infringed upon by those churches that are working to keep the bans in place.
Nice to see that the comments are pointing out that the NC bigots overreached with their law and did indeed make it a crime to conduct a same-sex marriage. Not content to merely deny gay people equal marriage rights, they had to go and legally forbid anyone to perform such a ceremony under penalty of law.

Hoist by their own petard, if there's any justice.
@8- Thanks for the correction. I had no idea they'd attempted to criminalize a religious marriage ceremony.

@3: Wow, that's a whole new delightful little fishbowl of cluelessness.