What is the Soundtrack of the #normcore?!


I can't figure out what any of this means. But Hootie is da bomb!
Hootie, Dave Matthews and Dave Segal in a hot naked threesome.
Preview of the show forthcoming.
Does Seattle still have 103.7 The Mountain? That is #normcore. Or maybe #normcore is the old Hot(?) 101.5 that played "hits of the 80s, 90s, and now!"

Basically whatever station your mom was listening to in 1998 as she was shuttling you to/from soccer practice in a Dodge Caravan is #normcore, rightly or wrongly.
It was the pinnacle of a pop country's a new-traditionalists movement that rose from the ashes of mid-80s shlock - and before the bean counters ruined it all again. A lot of good stuff during this brief renaissance, from Michelle Wright to Dwight Yoakum to KD Lang, with a heavy dose of twin-fiddle, country swing. And its mainstream appeal dominated FM radio; KMPS was Seattle's most listened to station at the time. Seattle even had a gay country dance bar - a huge and very popular one. Not at all surprised it pops-up as comfort music at local establishments. It reminds many of a great time in their life :)
Kenny G., Josh Groban, Shania Twain, Tacocat.
@3: that frequency is now something aimed at women, reminds of warm 106.9 with a bit of the ol' mountain flavor.

our radio dial be sad (KEXP excepted).
Dishwalla is to normcore as Judas Priest is to Metal.
Everything about this makes me feel so old. Brb, gonna go listen to some Merzbow to scour the entire concept of "normcore" away from my consciousness.
Dishwalla, Hootie, Shania Twain... So lame/boring = normcore.
Absolutely revolting.