Good day for Washington; bad day for anti-tax crusader Tim Eyman
Good day for Washington; bad day for anti-tax crusader Tim Eyman Eli Sanders

Let's just call this a week, everybody! It's going to be hard to top this news. A King County Superior Court judge has ruled Tim Eyman's latest anti-tax measure is unconstitutional. The measure, narrowly approved by voters in November, would slash the state sales tax unless the legislature puts a constitutional amendment before voters to require a two-thirds majority to raise taxes.

The League of Women Voters, Democratic lawmakers, and others challenged the measure. Here's today's full ruling.

From the AP:

Eyman was testifying before a Senate panel already considering a two-thirds constitutional amendment when he received a text from his lawyer with the news.

“We just got a ruling,” he told the panel. “Real time text from my attorney, who says so eloquently, ‘We lose.’”

“We obviously disagree with the judge and his decision but it does not change what the voters decided and I would certainly encourage this Legislature to move forward with it as it goes upward to the Supreme Court,” Eyman added. “The votes of the people didn’t change as a result of this judge’s ruling.”

Here's a video I can't stop watching of Eyman getting the news:

Progressive groups are rejoicing today, though this decision is certain to be appealed.

Eyman opponent Andrew Villeneuve, with the Northwest Progressive Institute and Permanent Defense, said in a statement, "This decision is a landmark victory for majority rule and for the rule of law."

The progressive policy advocacy group Fuse Washington released a statement calling the ruling "great news for students across Washington."

"With I-1366 off the table," the group says in its statement, "legislators can focus on fulfilling our state's paramount duty of funding education."

Oh, right, how's that going, Olympia?