Rude, obnoxious, trolling Bernie Sanders supporters come to the attention of the BBC:

After the 25 January Democratic town hall, Emily Nussbaum, television critic for the New Yorker magazine, tweeted some positive feedback for Hillary Clinton. "I'm into Hillary, obviously, but I genuinely thought she did really well tonight," Ms Nussbaum wrote. About a half an hour later, she followed up with this: "Man, the Feel The Bern crew (as opposed to Bern himself) is such a drag. Say anything pro-Hil & they yell 'bitch' & 'psycho.' V idealistic!" ...

Some say Sanders is the symptom, not the cause—the "Bernie bro" is just an old troll with a new name. Indeed, Sarah Jeong, a journalist who is the frequent target of sexist attacks, has received so much vitriol in the name of Sanders she set her Twitter account to private—even though she too is a Sanders fan. Kathleen Geier, a freelance contributor to The Nation and herself a Sanders supporter, says while she has gotten her fair share of ugly online comments from male Clinton supporters, the level of vitriol coming from what she calls a "tiny minority" of Sanders boosters troubles her. "I think they're doing harm to the cause," she says. "I haven't seen people treat Obama supporters like this, or supporters of other male establishment candidates - just Hillary. So it's definitely misogyny."

Sexism is not the only bad behaviour demonstrated online by Sanders supporters - an ugly racial element has arisen, too.