This is our city of bad drivers.
This is our city of bad drivers. Max Herman/

A Report by Insurance Company Shows Seattle Drivers Are Really, Really Awful: Data collected by Allstate, a company that commands about one-tenth of the car insurance market, showed that drivers in Seattle on average have 6.9 years between collisions. For Kansas City, a town with good drivers, the average is 13.3 years. Boston, however, has a worse record than Seattle. The average in that city is 3.9 years. (Seattle and Boston have lots of college graduates.) KOMO News has the whole story and breakdown.

Man Inside a University District Starbucks Was Slashed Last Night: According to witnesses, a man walked into the Starbucks on University Way, caused a disturbance, and, while leaving, slashed the back of the neck of a patron. He then left the coffee shop, walked to Flowers Bar & Restaurant, ordered a beer, and sat down to drink. He was, according the bartender, "a regular." The police arrested the man at Flowers. The condition of the victim, who was transported to Harborview Medical Center, is not known.

Mountlake Terrace Family Is Looking for a Woman Who Appears to have Vanished: A mother and employee of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has not been seen or heard from since Monday. Her name is Cheryl DeBoer, her age is 54, her color is white, her hair is red, and her height is 5-feet-6-inches. Investigators are describing her disappearance as "very unusual." On average, about 90,000 Americans are missing at any given moment.

A Foot In a Running Shoe Washes Up on the Coast of Vancouver Island: Investigators in British Columbia are trying to make sense of a foot in a shoe that was found on a shore not far from Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island. Because the type of shoe on the foot first entered the North American market three years ago, it is thought that the owner of the foot died "somewhere between March 2013 and December 2015." The coroner in this case says the long action of water might have severed foot from the rest of the body. British Columbia has a history of this sort of thing, a history of feet washing up on its shores.

The Vanilla ISIS Crisis Might Finally End Today: Heidi Groover has the updates on this nonsense which has gone on for far too long. In related news, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was arrested by the FBI at the Portland International Airport. He faces charges for another bit of nonsense that happened in 2014.

Alaskan Woman Claims Her Happy Meal Mummified in Her Office: According to this UPI story, a woman (Jennifer Lovdahl), and owner of Balanced Health Chiropractic in Anchorage, is claiming that chicken nuggets and french fries she bought six years ago have successfully resisted natural decomposition. The things are going through time as if the natural processes of time weren't there at all. These fries and nuggets have essentially defeated death. They are one with the mad dreams of the pharaohs of old. Lovdahl says the things, which are advertised as digestible, now smell like cardboard. She also suspects the Happy Meal box "will decompose before the food does."

Coca-Cola Wants To Trademark the Word "Zero" for its Diet Drinks: This is not a joke. This is really happening.

The Bill the Rice Family Must Pay for Tamir, the 12-Year-Old Black Boy Shot and Killed by a White Cleveland Police Officer: $450 for “Advance Ambulance Life Support,” and $50 for “mileage.”

The Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan Enters the Presidential Election: The Democrats want to draw attention to this major public health disaster, and the Republicans do not. (The current governor of Michigan is Rick Snyder, a Republican who sees himself as a CEO of the state.) Hillary Clinton recently visited a black church in Flint and called the whole bad business "immoral." There appears to be no end in sight for this water crisis, which has its roots in the kind budget cuts that the GOP loves to push at every opportunity. The Democratic National Committee has announced that the Clinton/Sanders debate on March 6 will take place in Flint, the new capital of GOP water.