On any other Sunday, Pep Rally wouldve been a much bigger deal.
On any other Sunday, "Pep Rally" would've been a much bigger deal.

The dust is starting to settle a tiny bit. The first wave of responses to and analyses of the seismic arrival of "Formation"—I especially loved this one, this one, this one, and this one—are giving way to another, more layered and circumspect one.

In addition, I'm seeing fewer blog posts from white people stooping to concede that the song and video aren't "FOR ME"—a trope that managed to combine supreme condescension with truly Olympian narce (two areas I'm familiar with) in the literary equivalent of bending over backwards to kiss your own ass. if it's not for you, then why are you still talking? In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny's gangster pal Mugsy, "shut up shutting up."

I didn't watch the game or the halftime show because when the Seahawks aren't playing, I don't have to pretend I think anything about football is good. The joke's on me, however, because I missed the news that Missy Elliott ALSO used the game as a vehicle to deliver a new song, "Pep Rally." Though it may lack the era-defining gravity of "Formation," it nonetheless makes you need to bounce out of your chair and hurtle headlong into the weekend.

I'm not saying this is the equivalent of young Davy Jones making his American TV debut on Ed Sullivan the same night as the Beatles... but on any other Sunday, new Missy might have been a bigger deal.