Here's some proof that Mitt Romney is desperate to win, and that his campaign knows he's in trouble:

A “super PAC” supporting Mitt Romney blew through $14 million on a three-state advertising binge against his Republican rivals in January, according to campaign reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

But if Romney is trying as hard as he can to win, why is he doing this?

Donald Trump, who endorsed Mitt Romney earlier this month at his Las Vegas hotel, is making the rounds on Michigan and Ohio radio stations this week to praise Romney's electability.

Trump said on Michigan’s WSGW this morning that though he personally likes Newt Gingrich, who is a member of his Washington, D.C.,-area country club, Romney's electability and position on China sealed the endorsement...But the star of NBC's The Apprentice was not as kind to another Romney opponent, Rick Santorum, who Trump said "came out of nowhere" and dismissed as "unelectable."

I'm not sure why the Romney campaign keeps wheeling Trump around like he matters, especially to working-class voters in states with serious economic problems. It's like they're actively trying to insult blue-collar Republicans. Donald Trump is an amusing sideshow, and his buffoonery might work to ramp Republicans up during the off-season, but when it actually comes time to vote, I suspect that he actually turns voters off. You can trace the beginning of Romney's latest batch of problems to around the time that he appeared onstage with Donald Trump in Vegas; I don't believe that that's a coincidence.