1. The Henry's very interesting webcomics show Morning Serial is hosting a very fun-looking event tomorrow. Starting at 11 am, the 5-Hour Comics Day Challenge will feature "a crash course in comics making," followed by a challenge to create a five-page comic book in five hours. Completed comics will be featured on the Henry's blog, Hankblog. Stop being a recluse and go meet some real cartoonists in real life.

2. Also tomorrow, Jason Fry and Ryder Wyndham, who create Star Wars-themed reference and childrens' books, will discuss all things Star Wars at Third Place Books. There will also be a regiment of Storm Troopers, and a prize for the best Star Wars-themed costume.

3. And for political nerds, Rachel Fucking Maddow is reading at Town Hall tomorrow night. The event has been sold out for weeks and weeks. Her new book, Drift, isn’t some huge-font reprinting of Rachel Maddow Show content, like we get from the Fox News crew. It’s an examination of how the American military has basically detached itself from the government, making it too easy for the United States to declare perpetual war. It’s refreshing to see someone making a case against the military-industrial complex (known in polite company as “Halliburton”) in such clear, concise prose.

4. Find everything else going on for the next three months right here in our readings calendar.