Whoop, Whoop! Governor Christine Gregoire releases state emergency funds to urge Washington residents to get the fuck vaccinated against whooping cough already.

A Pitch to Buy the Neighborhood You Love: "What if all of us pooled our resources to buy real estate and develop it ourselves? Imagine 1,200 people in Seattle each contributing $1,200 (about the same as buying 1 espresso drink a day for a year) to a Neighborhood Real Estate Investment Trust. That would generate more than a million dollars ($1,440,000) that could be applied to the purchase of that great building with the coffee shop..." writes Roger Valdez over on Seattle Transit Blog.

All Cats Belong in Prison: Washington inmates paid 35-cents an hour to care for shelter cats, like Princess Natalie, whose only crime (like most cats) is being a total dick.

The War Over May Day Continues: As suspects appear in court to face charges for allegedly smashing building windows and assaulting officers, one Occupy protester gives his first-hand account of seeing one suspect's arrest and accuses the mayor and SPD of propagating a media smear campaign against the suspects by releasing their identities. (On that point, perhaps the author isn't aware that arrest documents are a matter of public record and can be requested by anyone, and these documents were assuredly requested by every media outlet in town, hence their accessibility. Another point: the group planned its demonstrations to coincide with several widely-attended public marches for optimal attention—otherwise, they would've happened in the dead of night. So it's pretty weak to then whine about the media covering the repercussions of those actions.)

Mediocre Job Growth: April's job growth was less than economists have been predicting, as employers only added a net gain of 115,000 positions.

Republicans, Still Attacking Women: Sixty House Republicans, including failed presidential hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, have introduced legislation that would "prevent health insurance policies offered by health insurance exchanges from covering abortion procedures."

Do Women Have Too Many Rights? A screamy group of pro-choice women crashed last night's ridiculous anti-choice talk with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood worker, at the University of Washington. Blaghag live-blogged the chaos, complete with pics of women being tackled by police.

Blind Chinese Activist May Study Abroad: Activist Chen Guangcheng and his family will be allowed to apply for travel permits so that Chen may study at a U.S. university instead of being quietly being pushed down a flight of stairs, China has announced.

And finally, in honor of Friday, here is my favorite Robyn video:

(How I hunger for those pants and platform work boots!)