Diligent Slog reader Erin wrote to us yesterday to ask what kind of election night TV-watching parties are taking place on Capitol Hill. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things going on, most of which involve alcohol, bars, and election results. We've rounded up a few below in case you're still in the dark:

Neumos Election Night Party
Kicking off at 5:00 p.m., this joint venture with Moe Bar and the Washington Bus will include lots of booze and some huge screens to watch results on. It's 21+, sorry kids.

Cafe Flora
This vegan Madison Valley standby has a list of election cocktails, and will be watching the results roll in on the TV.

Wild Rose
The Rose is having a party. At their bar. Surprise! It starts at 3:00 p.m., and offers tacos, beer, and music.

Queer Youth Space
For those who aren't 21, y'all can head on over to the space for not old, not straight people. Their party starts at 6.

Town Hall
People who think lots of things and want to watch the election are invited to Town Hall. The event will be starting at 5:45 and going until the bitter end.

Seriously—I walked around Pike/Pine and down Broadway, stopping at any establishment with a television and asking if they'd be showing election results. It seems like just about everywhere will be open and ready to greet you, provided you pay for food and can stomach hours upon hours of CNN's magic board. Erin, go for a walk, wherever you see or hear people, stop by and party.

The Stranger's election night party, however, will be the best thing going on tonight. 4:30, Showbox Market. Free. 21+. We'll see you there.