We're currently in the process of transforming the Showbox into Stranger Election Control Board HQ. We will be liveslogging the election results from the stage while also frantically writing tomorrow's issue of The Stranger. Because we're crazy, that's why! Come look over our shoulders at the behind-the-scenes, way-too-drunk-to-be-putting-out-a-newspaper magic! And maybe get a photo of yourself on Slog or in print or even on the cover. Doors open at 4:30.

If you can't make it to the Showbox, we'd love to add your best photos and/or videos of tonight to our blog coverage—EMAIL THEM TO US HERE. (If possible, upload videos to YouTube and then send us the link.)

If you're tweeting about the election tonight and you want us to see your tweet, use the hashtag #SECB. We will retweet the funny shit!

Meanwhile, SECB reporters are preparing to visit all the hotsy-totsy parties around town. Full SECB coverage of election results across the city and across the country starts at 4:30.