The most wonderful day of the year to watch short films in a stranger's living room is here!

Couch Fest Films is a cozy shorts film fest hosted in people's houses all over the world all on one day. During Couch Fest Films, lovers of film can sit shoulder to shoulder watching short films while stuffing their faces with the snacks they thought they had to sneak in.

The festival, founded in 2008, has built a passionate following thanks to its reliably high quality, entertaining film programs, and its open-minded "do it yourself" ethic. Films presented during Couch Fest Films are typically still exclusively playing at some of the top film festivals in North America and Europe.

A short intermission in the middle of each program will allow viewers to discuss the films and socialize. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, share, and discover new films and fellow lovers of film.

Full Couch Fest info—including Seattle viewing locations—here!