If you're partnered, coupled, throupled, etc., then you have plans for Valentine's Day already. Whatever it is you're doing with your date(s) on V-Day, happily partnered folks, remember to fuck first, okay?

But if you're single... well... you probably don't have plans for Valentine's Day. So I made plans for you.

SINGLE PEOPLE! Join me and the tech-savvy, at-risk youth at a very special live taping of the "Savage Lovecast" for SINGLE PEOPLE ONLY at Seattle's Neptune Theater. The doors open 7PM, the show starts at 8PM. I'll be there giving sex advice with Mistress Matisse, humorist Simon Rich will be there reading from his new book, Twisted Monk will be there tying people up, the Human Cupcake will be making his onstage debut, Babeland will be there giving away buttplugs, DJ TROUBLE will be there doing that music stuff that DJ TROUBLE does, and the Neptune's bartenders will be there making drinks. We're gonna have free lap dances, free sex toys for all, and a theater full of horny single people—what more could you want on Valentine's Day?!?

You could be single when the curtain goes up and tied up, plugged, and partnered by the time the show's over! Get your tickets now!


* We can't actually discriminate against partnered, married, coupled, throupled, etc.—because it's illegal and stuff—so everyone is invited to the show. We're just teasing you, non-single people! You can come to the show too!