I made this all by myself.
  • I made this all by myself.
On Tuesday, February 19th, the Angry Beaver is hosting Slog's first ever Hockey Happy Hour!

They have a bunch of TVs that'll show all the night's games, and we can cheer and yell while we eat poutine! AND! Their happy hour goes until 7 pm, and that includes $4 Breakaways, Labatts, and Manny's, $2.25 PBRs, and a burger and a PBR for $10.

They also have FRIED CHEESE CURDS.

Tuesday's game line-up is:

Winnipeg vs Buffalo at 4 pm
Montreal vs NY Rangers at 4 pm
NY Islanders vs Ottawa at 4:30 pm
Toronto vs Tampa Bay at 4:30 pm
San Jose vs St. Louis 5 pm
Detroit vs Nashville (GO PREDS!) 5 pm
Vancouver vs Chicago 5:30 pm
Los Angeles vs Edmonton 7 pm

The party will officially start at 5 pm, but of course you can get there earlier if your team's playing a 4 or 4:30 pm game.

Come cheer for your dudes! Or, if your team isn't playing, come just to cheer for some hockey! I'm gonna wear my jersey, you should wear your jersey, and we'll sing "O Canada" at the top of our lungs. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Just don't tell the Red Wings fans! (I kid, I kid.)