A very bigoted—and very recently registered—Slog commenter fancies himself a poet. FaggotHater contributed these eight hateful lines to the comments thread on my last post about the very bigoted Diana "Gays Serve No Purpose In Life" Medley:

Disgusting fags we hope you die;
Eliminating perverts would make no one cry;
You gross and queer;
Because you take it in the rear;
You are extremely sick;
Because you get off from poop on your di—;
The only role for nasty as [sic] faggots;
Is in the ground feeding maggots.

Normally I wouldn't give buttsecks-obsessed ass-sniffer like FaggotHater here a signal boost. But regular Slog commenter Reverend Tap's response—also in the form a poem—is so fucking brilliant and I had to highlight it:

Your poem, posted in this thread,
Must have rung nicely in your head.
You'd say your piece in rhyme and verse
To fill our poor queer hearts with dread.

Alas, it did not happen so;
Your triumph now a tale of woe,
You made it clear you're gay-averse
But only entertained your foe.

No rhythm; basic, feeble rhyme;
One wonders that you took the time
To censor "dick" while leaving "fag"
In this rhapsody so sublime.

A scant eight lines you wrote, and yet,
A typo plagues your grim octet.
Attacking folks for who they shag
Requires more skill to make them sweat.

I must suggest you stick to prose;
Your greenness at poetry shows.

"Where racist, sexist and homophobic speech is concerned," says the ACLU, "more speech—not less—is the best revenge."

Thanks for fighting hate poetry with more and better poetry, Reverend Tap, and for avenging us all. I might've gone with, "Because your poetry? It blows," for a last line, but I like my poetry like I like my men: just a little vulgar. But your response to FaggotHater was a thing of beauty, Reverend Tap. Thanks for putting that asshole bigot in his place.