Poop Controversy Plagues Montlake: Montlake does not know what to do with its dog poop. Should they toss it in their neighbor's yard? Throw it into any nearby trashcan? Is it best to carry it all the way home? Have your voice heard on this incredibly timely issue on the Montlaker.

Ballard Exports a House, by Sea: Ballardites were in awe of a house on a boat—not a houseboat—that passed through the Ballard locks yestoday. The full-size family home is on its way to its new owners in Vancouver, BC. My Ballard has pictures.

EZELL'S IS GETTING FOOD TRUCKS!!!! "Ezell's is a product the whole world needs to know about," said chicken-chain worker Jennifer Stephens. That's why Ezell's famous chicken fryers are getting some new wheels. Expect Ezell's Express to be driving your way soon, says Central District News.

They Are Installing a Controversial "Safety Curb": West Seattle Blog says it's the "hottest WSB topic this week."

Pay to Get Your Face Electrocuted: Brad Pitt does it. Its called "electrotherapy facial treatment" and its available for all of us non-celebrities right here in Seattle, the Queen Anne View reports.