Boys and Girls Club Van Dies Fiery Death: Boys and Girls Club staff member "Dena" noticed a peculiar smell while driving one of the club's vans. She got out and opened the door in hopes of making the van smell nice again, but then the van burst into flames, My Ballard reports. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Breaking News: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that some guy was wearing an interesting coat.

Giant Kittens Not Named After Me: In a previous neighborhood news round-up I expressed my disdain that Woodland Park Zoo's lion cubs would not be named after me because the zoo insisted that their names be in the African languages of Zulo or Sotho. Phinneywood reports that the actual names of the lions will be Busela, Pelo, and Nobuhle.

Lake City's Identity Crisis: Lake City Live wants to know what Lake City's identity is. We already know the answer to that question (car dealerships), but they want there to be something more. According to a poster presented at a Lake City neighborhood meeting Ballard is Scandinavian, Capitol Hill is LGBTQ, the U-District is students, Fremont is the "center of the known universe," and West Seattle has its murals, but what about Lake City?