Dear State Senators Who Refuse to Fix the Estate Tax,

Thanks to you and your stubborn refusal to fix the technical glitch in Washington's estate tax at the heart of the recent Bracken decision, the Department of Revenue will start mailing out refund checks to millionaires on Friday—about $50 million worth by the end of the month. The total cost is estimated to top $159 million through 2015, all of it coming out of the Education Legacy Trust Account.

Good things come to those who wait, and all that.

But I just thought I'd point out that all of these refund checks will be a public record. That means that some enterprising journalist (or paid opposition researcher) can scour the records to see if any of these lucky recipients are associated with you in any way: a friend, a relative, a business associate, a neighbor, a lobbyist, a campaign contributor. And when these connections are found, dollars to donuts you'll be hounded for your conflict of interest.

You can deny corruption all you want, but the appearance will be there. And sometimes the appearance of impropriety is all that's necessary to end a political career.

So, you know, heads up.