"Surveyors armed with electronic tablets are fanning out across Seattle and other parts of King County to find people willing to take a brief survey regarding their use of and experiences with taxi and taxi-like services," says a press release that just arrived from the city.

But you don't need to find an armed surveyor. You can take the city's new taxi survey online.

I take cabs, and I salute the drivers who have difficult, dangerous jobs. Some of them provide top-notch service. But, man, I've also had lots of terrible experiences with local cab companies. So after answering a bunch of questions, I left this comment: "Taxi drivers often try to balk if you want to use a debit card, the old technology takes forever to process it, and sometimes the cars don't show up at all—and then dispatchers get truculent if you call back complain that your cab never arrived. This can make taxis in Seattle so inconvenient or unpredictable that they're less reliable than taking one of our slow-ass buses."

But that's my gay-ass opinion—give them your straight-dicked opinion over here.