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Wet Boys


boom! theater (map)
Thursdays-Sundays. Continues through Jan. 27 2013


"Within its first few minutes, Wet Boys telegraphs its familiar—almost iconic—scenario: a trio of small-town American teenagers spending their final nights of summertime idleness sneaking whiskey, cigarettes, and kisses, barely noticing that the messiness of full-blown adulthood is creeping closer and closer. You've seen variations of the protagonists in countless movies and TV shows: Johnny (Robert Kompare) is the greaser who has a leather jacket and a fast girlfriend, but still a touch of baby fat in his cheeks. Finn (Steven Ackley) is the nerdy kid with an alcoholic stepfather and a deep geyser of rage that won't stay dormant for long. And Charlie (Daniel Theyer) is the handsome, thoughtful, distant kid who's thinking of becoming a priest. But this world premiere by Nicholas Spinarski, performed in an appropriately chilly and duskily lit warehouse, takes a dire turn as two of the boys find the diary of the third and discover—or at least think they discover—a nasty secret. Wet Boys isn't a masterpiece, but it (like many of boom! theater's productions), is a fun, visceral, and refreshingly unpretentious hour of new, young theater." (Brendan Kiley)

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boom! theater

429 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA

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This event is in the past.
  • Thursdays-Sundays. Continues through Jan. 27 2013
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