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Motor XIII


Kremwerk (map) Downtown
Thu., June 12 2014 21+

Kelly O

Container’s Seattle show in March fell through, so he’s making it up tonight at the 13th edition of MOTOR—and, of course, I’ll be out of town for it. But you should not miss this Providence, Rhode Island producer (aka Ren Schofield) who records for the fantastic Spectrum Spools label. Container’s part of that recent worldwide movement of musicians who are roughing up techno’s clean, linear lines and manicured beats with serrated synth edges and more bludgeoning kickdrums. His style borrows from industrial music, but in a subtle way, without industrial’s inclination for vocal histrionics. It’s more Cabaret Voltaire and Severed Heads than Ministry or NIN. Portland’s GOODWIN is a brainy techno/house producer who makes his custom-made analog synths speak in elegant and hedonistic tongues. As always with MOTOR, local support is strong: the moonbooted, high-IQed cosmic disco of TJ Max (Midday Veil members Timm Mason and Jayson Kochan; cop their Wrong to Run CD on Debacle), the fun-maximizing electro shapeshifting of Bankie Phones, and the vastly knowledgeable DJ Slow. DAVE SEGAL

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1809 Minor Ave #10, Seattle, WA 98101

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This event is in the past.
  • Thu., June 12 2014
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