Mike Servito with Guests


Kremwerk (map) Downtown
Fri June 23 at 10 pm-3 am, Second Sat at 10 pm-2 am

Oh sure, you've been to more than your share of drag shows with lip-synching and wigs and princess gloves. But where are the fringed monsters, the viscous fluids, and the couture that you initially mistake for a pile of abandoned construction equipment? Kick-start your Pride with Rapture, hosted by unidentified frocking object Arson Nicki. Expect to see the avantest of the avant-garde creatures, peculiar performances, and a runway that may double as a portal to the Negaverse. You will be unable to forget any of what you see—or to make anyone believe that it happened. MATT BAUME

June's edition will take place on the 23rd for Pride. The $22 combo ticket will also get you into Cucci's Critter Barn. This event is part of Kremwerk/Timbre Room Pride.

More about the music:

Mike Servito is known as a “DJ’s DJ,” but it’s taken years of toil as an in-house DJ for the Ghostly International label and as a resident at New York’s legendary Bunker club to ascend to the international DJ elite, getting booked at prestigious venues like Berlin’s Panorama Bar and performing at Amsterdam’s Dekmantel Festival. In that regard, like his good friend the Black Madonna, who has also recently become a hot commodity, Servito is no overnight success. A student of Detroit techno/house legend Mike Huckaby, he made a name for himself playing famed parties like San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem and Chicago’s Hugo Ball. All of which means, if you love Servito’s brand of highbrow, high-energy techno, then this is the must-attend event of the month. NICK ZURKO

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1809 Minor Ave #10, Seattle, WA 98101

Event Times
  • Fri June 23 at 10 pm-3 am, Second Sat at 10 pm-2 am
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