Charms, Nordra, Miscomings

Chop Suey (map) Capitol Hill
Thurs June 15 at 8 pm 21+

A carnal bellowing was coming from the adjacent room of a subterranean Capitol Hill rehearsal space. The guitar, synths, and drums on the other side of the wall stirred a synth-punk cauldron of medicine-noise. I didn't know who or what it was, but it swallowed me whole, the way a swarm of ants eats a jungle. A voice sang, fervent and possessed. The drums played like they were carving a glyph on the ancient Mayan stone sarcophagus beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions pyramid in Palenque, Mexico. (It depicts Pakal sitting in a fucking spacecraft, yet it was carved in the year 685.) I was powerless to do anything but listen, so I turned the lights off and lay on the floor until their rehearsal was over. When they finished, I knocked on their door and discovered the band Charms. Surprisingly, they weren't covered in blood. TRENT MOORMAN

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Chop Suey

1325 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122

Event Times
  • Thurs June 15 at 8 pm
  • Electronic, Experimental/Noise, Rock/Pop
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