"We even love podcasts we’ve never heard because we kinda like the entire idea of podcasts. Which is why we want to create an event that celebrates this medium/art form/whatever it is. We’re bringing together a diverse group of podcast pros in Seattle, Washington for two days of live podcasts, performances, discussions, workshops, and weirdness." (Promo Copy)

Gaby Dunn (Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn)
Dylan Marron (Welcome to Night Vale)
Phoebe Judge & Lauren Spohrer (Criminal)
Rod & Karen Morrow (The Black Guy Who Tips)
Roman Mars (99% Invisible)
Franchesca Ramsey (Last Name Basis)
Aaron Mahnke (Lore)
Kevin T. Porter (Gilmore Guys)
Hank and John Green (Dear Hank and John)
Dr. Sydnee McElroy (Sawbones)
Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me)

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Washington State Convention & Trade Center

800 Convention Pl, Seattle, Washington 98101
Hours: daily

Venue Hours
  • daily
Event Times
  • Dec 9-10
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