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Seattle Highball Week


Various locations (map) Across Seattle
Aug. 21-27 2017


Here at The Stranger, we know just what you need, given the current state of 2017, life, the universe, and everything: You need GOOD BOOZE, and you need it NOW! So prepare yourself (and your liver) for The Stranger’s HIGHBALL WEEK! We’ve teamed up with 15 of the finest bars and restaurants in Seattle—along with our cocktail-lovin’ pals at Toki Whisky—to bring you this one-of-a-kind boozetacular! At each of Highball Week’s locations, you’ll find specially crafted cocktails that are available only to Highball Week participants. Even better? Each of these fantastic, sanity-saving cocktails will be available ALL DAY (not just during happy hour!) and cost you a mere $5! Stay tuned for our definitive list of all the Highball Week cocktails! And before you (responsibly) try as many of them as you can, keep a few things in mind….

• Drink responsibly. This goes without saying, but because we love you, here’s a reminder: Be safe and smart with your Highball Week consumption, and never drink and drive!

• Be patient. We all need a drink (or 40) right now. But so do our friends, our neighbors, and our sworn enemies! So if a Highball Week bar gets slammed, or if there’s a crazy line, or they run out of those little umbrellas? Be cool—we’ll all feel better soon enough! And pay in cash if you can—it’ll save time, and your server will appreciate it.

• Tip your bartenders, and order food. Sure, the best part about Highball Week are all those $5 drinks… but each of our Highball Week locations also has great food, and their talented bartenders will be working hard to make sure we all have plenty of fun (and plenty of booze). So relax, grab a bite, and let your bartenders and waitstaff know how much you appreciate ‘em!

See all of the Highball Week participants and their delicious cocktail recipes here.

See a map of all the participating locations below.

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Various locations

across Seattle, Seattle, WA

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 21-27 2017
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