Chris Engman and Dan Webb


Greg Kucera Gallery (map) Pioneer Square
Tues-Sat. Through Oct 28

Chris Engman

Recommended by Emily Pothast

Greg Kucera is the gold standard for established Seattle galleries, and Chris Engman and Dan Webb are two of the most sophisticated artists currently working in the Pacific Northwest. Engman takes photographs that combine built environments with landscapes in ways that dare you to figure out how they were created. These spaces are illusory yet functional; mysterious yet matter-of-fact. Webb is a master woodcarver who creates figures so real they might seem to leap out of the block, if they weren't also tethered by forces outside their control. Together, these artists marry natural environments and forms with artifice in a way that transcends both.

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Greg Kucera Gallery

212 Third Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98104
Hours: Tues-Sat

Venue Hours
  • Tues-Sat
Event Times
  • Tues-Sat. Through Oct 28
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