David Byrd and Michael Dailey


Greg Kucera Gallery (map) Pioneer Square
Tues-Sat. Through Dec 23

Michael Dailey

This exhibit offers beautiful works by two very different artists. In 2014, Jen Graves wrote about Michael Dailey's glowing abstractions as compared to Rothko: "The comparison is half-apt—set side by side, you'd see that the paintings of Dailey and Rothko are not actually all that similar. But their magical effects are." David Byrd, on the other hand, created paintings that had "both soul and style" that were inspired by his own life, often focusing on the 25 years he spent working at a VA hospital. Jen Graves wrote: "Each painting takes months to finish, and Byrd works on only one at a time. They're made from memory, using sketches on paper, but he never draws directly on the canvas, only paints (with oil). His brushstrokes are workmanlike; there's 'no glory in the brush,' as Kucera remarks, and he uses so little paint, it looks like he's rationing. The surfaces are parched and raw, seen unframed, not under glass. Their palette is subdued and gray-toned, highlighted in perfectly heartbreaking pastels of peach, blue, pink, green, yellow. Byrd's obvious influences—he is not an outsider artist—are pointillism, surrealism, social realism, and 1930s American regionalism, and in some senses what he makes is frozen in time from back when he studied art, before his day job and his hermitry. But he is also idiosyncratic and strange, and sometimes more simpatico with fringe artists, whether Ozenfant or De Chirico or Balthus."

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Greg Kucera Gallery

212 Third Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98104
Hours: Tues-Sat

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  • Tues-Sat
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  • Tues-Sat. Through Dec 23
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