What We Treasure: Stories from Yesler Terrace


SOIL (map) Pioneer Square
Thurs-Sun. Through Oct 28


Rachel Brumer curated this community-driven artistic exploration of the historic Yesler Terrace, in collaboration with Yesler Terrace Artists in Residence Rachel Brumer, Devon Midori Hale, Pat Graney, Cheryl Delostrinos, Angel Langley, George Lee, Rachel Kessler and DK Pan. Their ambitious description: "In this exhibit, we feature both the old Yesler Terrace and visions of the new, enmeshed in the history that has and will continue to define this historic public housing development. Working with different generations of immigrant residents, the artists have gathered stories, documented place, created visual artworks, and taught movement to residents of the greater Yesler Terrace community."

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112 Third Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Thurs-Sun

Venue Hours
  • Thurs-Sun
Event Times
  • Thurs-Sun. Through Oct 28
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