Stacy Milrany: Things I Find in My Pockets an Exercise in Mindfulness

Gallery 110 (map) Pioneer Square
Starts Nov. 2. Thurs-Sat. Through Dec 2


"This selection of watercolors are 'an exercise in mindfulness'. Many believe the practice of slowing down and tuning into our moment-by-moment thoughts, feelings and environment - even when seemingly mundane, can improve our lives. Stacy Milrany has chosen with this work to illustrate mindfulness by carefully observing and rendering the often-overlooked and completely banal things she finds in her pockets." (Promo Copy)

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Gallery 110

110 Third Ave S, Seattle, Wa 98104
Hours: Wed-Sat

Venue Hours
  • Wed-Sat
Event Times
  • Starts Nov. 2. Thurs-Sat. Through Dec 2
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