Substation (map) Ballard
Through Oct 21 21+


Catch a variety of local acts ranging from alt-rockers to electro-poppers to experimental hiphop artists at this three-day festival.

See full schedule below:

October 19
7:30 pm: The Screaming Multitudes
8 pm: Killer Ghost
8:30 pm: HellerGrave
9 pm: Mind Beams
9:30 pm: somesurprises
10 pm: Tit Nun
10:30 pm: Maklak
11:30 pm: Low Hums

October 20
7:30 pm: Cave Green
8 pm: Astro King Phoenix
8:30 pm: Le Grotto
9 pm: DoNormaal
9:30 pm: Downtown
10 pm: RVN
10:30 pm: Mirror Ferrari
11:30 pm: Scribemecca

October 21
7:30 pm: Sleepy Genes
8 pm: Oliver Elf Army
8:30 pm: Zelda Starfire
9 pm: Crazy Eyes
10 pm: SSDD
10:30 pm: Snuff Redux
11:30 pm: Monsterwatch

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645 NW 45th St, Seattle, WA 98107

Event Times
  • Through Oct 21
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